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Join the Free Ad Bonaza at Target SafeList Double your Credits

Join the Free Ad Bonaza at Target SafeList Double your Credits

Hey it’s King of Traffic here and I got a great new free advertising Safe-List for you today. Not only is it free you will get double your credits just for signing up free! Join the free ad bonanza at Target Safe-List and you will get free advertising to thousands. Yup I don’t call this site advertising free on the internet for nothing.

There is absolutely no gimmicks here folks. I ain’t pulling your chain Your going to get a ton of free advertising just for joining. Not only that every month you will get loaded up free with a bonus pack. That’s a whole lot of power from a free advertising offer. Target Safe-List has been around for quite awhile and has a large following. All the free advertising you are getting won’t go to waste here. There are a lot of members who have been with this mailer for quite awhile. Let’s go back and do a little history.

Target Safe-List History

As of this writing Target Safe list has over 6000 active members which most are internet marketers. As you can see this site has been around for awhile and is quite popular. I will not go into the previous owners name or background for privacy concerns. Let me just say he was a master at creating high quality mailers.

David Mosher recently purchased the mailer and completely revamped it from stem to stern. He has done a great job on integrating it into the giant networking organization he is currently building. Quickly becoming a leader in the advertising mailer industry Target Safe-List is one of his largest membership mailers. You can cash in on this opportunity for FREE while Dave is building his empire. There’s a little history of this little gem of a mailer that really is a targeted mailer to marketers. Let’s take a look at what you’ll get as a free member.

Free Member Perks


Register for FREE and you automatacially get 5,000 Credits, 5 Banner Ads, 5 Button Ads, 5 Text Links, 5 Solo Ads, and 5 HP Solo Ads! Is that cool or what! But wait there’s more!

BONUS PROMO CODE! There going to throw in another 5,000 Credits, 5 Solos, 5 HP Solos, 5 Banners, 5 Button Ads, and 5 Text Links when you use PROMO CODE: newmember. That is one heck of a lot of free advertising guys and guess what else. Well don’t guess I will tell you. Every month you are going to get loaded up with free credits just for being an active member.

Some other perks available for you are commissions. Dave is from Texas and he’s paying good. Not only that you can learn about Bitcoin and get paid straight to your wallet. I never knew anything about Bitcoin before but now I have my own App right on my Smart Phone. Once click of the Button and your commissions get sent right to your PayPal.

The best perk is the additional 250 traffic sites you are going to get access to. Thousands of members you will not be able to advertise to using Target Safe-List! Hold onto your hat! If you haven’t hit the join button I’m going to tell you more.

Promotional Tools

Forget about figuring out how you are going to sign up new members and make some Bitcoin. You can still get paid in cash if you don’t know anything about the Crypto world. There are a complete set of Banners and Text Ad’s already made for you. Just promote these cool email’s and Banner’s and start building your down-lines. There is no limit on how deep your far you can go with these great team building tools. Especially when your giving away a free offer with ton’s of free advertising credits. Here’s just an example of the enticing Banners you can load up in your arsenals.

Now you probably took a look at that Banner and wanted to click on it just to get them free credits. Join today and this along with many more enticing free banners could be yours. Start promoting them today on all of the other amazing advertising sites Dave is building. And more every day I might add.

Did I mention you can join the other 250 advertising sites Mr. Mosher has built and get the same free advertising credits you will get with Target Safe-List. We are talking thousands of free credits folks and Dave is building more sites every day. Growth potential for getting your ads seen is truly powerful.

All these free perks are not going to last forever. You can’t go anywhere on the internet and get these amazing free credit bonuses just for signing up free. Target Safe-List is the door you have been looking for to enter the world of internet marketing at it’s best. And I might add it’s for free.

Benefits of Safe-Lists

You are probably asking yourself why are safe-lists and mailers in general so powerful. If you have ever gone to a site like fiver you will see marketers selling email ads. These guys are making it big with mailers.

Creating a strong email marketing strategy helps you connect with your target audience. Personalize yourself and get known by sending mails daily to your list. People that use the Safe-Lists are marketers. They are trying to advertise their business on the mailers.

These internet marketers are always on the outlook for new programs and business offers. Also a strategy is to Target these marketers daily. Views have to be seen in order for them to click on your ads. Mail often. Sometimes it could take a viewer ten times to see your ads before they become interested.

This is where target Safe-List comes in. You will be getting hundreds of free credits. Inside your mailer you can create mails and save them. Just click on the template you have created and then click send. Mailing has never been faster or easier.

After you have been loaded up with hundreds even thousands of credits just sign in, load up your favorite opportunity from your template and hit send. Imagine doing this daily on hundreds of free mailers! Your business will grow! No doubt in my mind.

If you are looking at a great, if not the best way to build teams into your splash pages then mailers are the way to go. In my opinion Target-Safelist is one of the best.

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