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Never Look For FREE Advertising Again HP Solo Ads

Never Look For FREE Advertising Again HP Solo Ads

Your EZ Ads is a Safe-List advertising system that is absolutely free. Very powerful advertising system that also has HP Solo Ads. If you have never heard of these types of solos you should read on. What they do is send out emails to the entire network connected to a specific advertising resource. Now you can get 100s of them for free. Yes you heard that right and I am not pulling your chain. Never look for free advertising again HP Solo Ads are here. And you can get them free.

EZ Ads have been around a long time and I was a member of the previous owner. Low and behold Dave Mosher from Texas scooped up EZ Ads and now it is in his huge advertising network. And I might add it keeps growing daily. Maybe you have heard of or are even a member of one of his advertising sites.

Dave specializes in Solo Advertising. Especially in HP Solo Ads in which you can send them out to the entire network of associate sites. He has a special offer going on right now. When you sign up free to EZ Ads he give you free solo ads. Plug in the promo code which is newmember and he will double your free solos just for signing up.

New Ad Sites

Ask any marketer on the internet and they will tell you that new sites get great traffic. That of course is if they are any good. When Dave first started out a couple of years ago he was selling solo ad mailers. I actually bought one off him and tried it out.

I took the name worlds best mailer. This was all a little too complicated for me because I am kinda dumb when it comes to tech.

This is how I found out about Dave Mosher and what he was doing in the Solo Ad Industry. It was so much more easier to join his sites free and become an affiliate. Not only that you don’t have to be a tech geek.

Lo and behold when I went to use my EZ Ad program I found out Dave had bought it out. Now I almost fell outa my chair. EZ Ads was already an awesome program and I used to use it quite often. You could place stunning html ads and text ads to the members.

Well let’s not reminisce. Dave bought the program and changed it into a dynamic Solo Ad Mailer.

Solo Ads can be powerful advertising when using them in the right way. Of course they also have to be sent to the right people. You want fellow network marketers reading your emails. No Spam allowed.

Mr. Dave Mosher has outdone himself with the new EZ ADs. If is a brilliant mailer and comes with a ton of perks. Free members get bonus credits and free credits each month added on. Just for signing up.

Inside you will also find some pretty cool upgrades. Generous commissions and bonuses for upgraded members are available.

EZ Safe-List Exposure

Dave now has over 280 advertising sites. Now that is a lot of sites. When you join EZ ADs for free you are going to get 5 solos and 4 HP solos for free. HP solos go to the entire network of all of his sites. Pretty cool free advertising.

Enter the promo code newmember and he doubles these mailer credits. One heck of a lot of powerful mailer credits to 100s of members and more joining daily. And this is just the tip of the free solo ad ICE BERG Folks!

He has 280 more sites besides EZ Ads and every one of them has the same OFFER!

We are looking at a whole lot of free advertising.


If you were smart you would have already hit the link to EZ Ads and signed up if you are still reading let’s take a look at the free Banners. Yes they have Banner advertising and Dave will also double your Banner credits with the newmember promo code.

Just enter the code and watch your Banners credits double. Every marketer should be using banners. They are a set and forget about it way of advertising. Being a new program these credits will show your banners through the networks for months and maybe even years to come.

Get a free membership here and check them out.

Text Ads

Dave has also got the same promotion for Text Ads. Double your credits when you sign up free to get hundreds of text ads flowing through the network.

I am going to run out of white page pretty soon because there is just so many great things to write about the EZ Ad system.

People still do click on text ads. Write a catchy title and they do drive traffic with no effort. Like Banners you just set and forget em.

Save your Solo Ads

One thing that is a great time saver is the ability to save both regular solo ads and HP Solo Ads. No rewriting your solos each time you send. Just click on the saved and and send it off in seconds.

This is a great time saver you could be using. After signing up to EZ Ads you will find many more mailer sites that you can join. Get hundreds and hundreds of free solo ads, banner ads and text ads. All for free.

I could go on and on about how cool these Dave Mosher sites are but it’s time for you to try one for yourself. Personally I recommend EZ Ads. And it’s not just because I am an upgraded member it is because it is now paying commissons in crypto.

EZ Ad Perks

Feeling not so special at traffic sites that only give you 500 credits as a reward for joining?

YourEZAds rolls out the red carpet by giving you 5,000 credits, 5 Solos, 5 HP Solos, 5 Banner Ads, 5 Button Ads, and 5 Text Links…JUST FOR REGISTERING!

To top it off, you can use Promo Code: newmember

This will give you ANOTHER 5,000 Credits, 5 Solo Ads, 5 HP Solos, 5 Banner Ads, 5 Button Ads, and 5 Text Links!

Earn up to 50% in Referral Commissions!

5 AWESOME Super Solo Networks!

Get started TODAY!

How cool is that.

Hope your enjoyed this information

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