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Review of List Outbreak New Viral Lead Builder

Review of List Outbreak New Viral Lead Builder

Welcome to List Outbreak. This incredibly viral list builder is all but certain to build you a huge mailing list quickly and easily.

There’s just one simple rule to follow that will send your list viral, and that’s that each member is required to refer 2 people (yes, just two), before gaining access to the system mailer. Once you’ve made 2 confirmed referrals, the mailer will be unlocked and you’ll be able to contact your entire downline (all your own referrals and all of your referrals, referrals), up to 15 levels deep.

If you do the math, and every referral does the absolute minimum by referring just two new people to the system, that means you’ll have access to 32,768 members in your 15 level downline – that’s the power of two!

You may have seen this model used at some of the top MLM programs online – and for good reason… it works. While the model is stable and proven, it can be extremely hard to recruit members into an MLM business with over priced products.

However if we use the same model with a free traffic system it can (and does), generate awesome results. Everyone needs website traffic, and by using ‘the power of 2’ we’re guaranteeing exceptional growth and a mailing list that could grow quickly into the tens of thousands for you.

Getting 2 referrals is very easy. Just click the ‘Promote’ button above and follow our simple 4 step system to start your own List Outbreak.

2 referrals is all you’ll ever need, but keep in mind – the more people you refer, the greater your own contact list will grow. When you’ve unlocked the mailer you can get right to promoting your primary business.

I hope you enjoy using the system as much as we do!

Lead Builder

A new Viral List Builder has just been released and I have to say it’s a ‘MUST’ join.   It can literally build you a list of thousands in  just a few days with very little effort.  

In fact, List Outbreak is more viral than anything  you’ve seen before. Once you get access to the members  area you’ll discover the unique feature that’s spreading  it like wildfire.  

With a massive 15 level downline you don’t want to miss the boat on this one.   Go Ahead…

Start the List Outbreak!  

Viral Mailers Work!

– Use the power of Safelists and Traffic Exchanges to get signups to ListOutbreak.

– All you need to do is signup two members. It will be easy using the various SafeLists and Traffic Exchanges you will find at AdvertiseFreeontheInternet.com

– Email 50,000+ members using Traffic Zipper Must Join!)

Promote List Outbreak at 5 of the most popular Traffic Exchanges and dedicate just 20 Minutes a day to surfing for 1 Week.

Promote your ListOutbreak Link

Promote your link daily to the Safelists and Traffic Exchanges recommended above until you sign up 2 members and unlock your Mailer. Once unlocked members underneath you and members that join ListOutbreak after you will be on your list. Many members will be proven buyers after they took the one time offer deal. These are the kind of leads you want to promote to.

Be persistant and use the Splash pages given to you in your back office and before you know it you can unlock your mailer. Click on the mails inside the back office and recieve up to 100 mailing credits just for reading one email. Spend ten minutes a day viewing on ads and you will be able to email to thousands. Come and join us at ListOutbreak and start building leads daily.

Brent Alias King of Traffic
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