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Learn how to Advertise Free on the Internet with Followers Traffic

Learn how to Advertise Free on the Internet with Followers Traffic

Followers Traffic

follower traffic tips
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What is Followers Traffic?

Simply put followers traffic is contacts you make through your various social sites. Say someone likes you on a Facebook or Twitter account you have. This is just naming a couple of course as there are numerous popular social sites online. Today you have many accounts such as Tic Toc where you can make videos with your I Phone and then post it.

All these sites have one thing in common. Likes, Shares and Followers. What this does is give you an endless supply of Free Traffic.

A Follower simply is anybody who knows you, and started any kind of connection

or interaction with and is interested in your niche market.

NOTE: You don’t have to be an influncer with Millions of followers or owning a huge 

Email List to use this strategy.

Various Types of Follower Traffic  

Learn how to Advertise Free

1) A Facebook Friend who started and kind of communication or interaction with you
like: private messaging or liked, commented or replied to your post or comment.  

2) Social media followers on (Instagram, Twitter ..etc) even if you have only few
20 – 30 followers you can make use of them.

3) Your YouTube Channel Subscribers (If you Already have a YouTube Channel)

4) Email contacts: anybody send your and email or replied to any email regarding
any topic related to your niche market.

So Now What

How to Use Those Strategies?

Now that you have a general understanding how to get lot’s of free traffic through the Social Sites online you need a strategy and an offer. Virus affiliate programs work great and a Free one worth looking at is the 3 Hour Cash Machine! It has build in Viral programs. What these programs do is build lists for you all on auto pilot just by sharing it with all you contacts. Did I already mention this program is FREE.

All you do is sign up free and start sharing it. As you gain signups ups it is like a snowball rolling down a hill. It just keeps getting larger and larger and along with it your income. Pretty cool for a free program. Everything under the known universe is built right into the 3Hour Cash Machine to make it simple for anyone to start using today. Minutes from now you could be building lists and making money. And I might add without continually repeating myself it is FREE.

3Hour Cash Machine

WARNING! Don’t use this strategy as your main traffic generation strategy, this may make you look like a spammer. Use it for promoting new offers once every while.

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