Easy Traffic Blueprint or How to get More Leads

Its all about traffic and how to get more of it to your business. Targeted traffic to proven buyers is always a good way to go. No sense blasting your ads out all day long somewhere no one gives a huff. So where are you able to find this traffic. Well this is where easy traffic blueprint comes into play. How to get more leads to your business is or should be your no 1. priority.

This is where Viral Lightning comes into play. First program to come along in awhile that targets traffic and how to get more of it. Learn the ins and outs of traffic building with this free program. Yup that’s correct it is free. Of course you can get off to a running start and pay the initiation fee or you can simply sign up 4 members under you and unlock the secrets of traffic success.

If your interested in setting up a complete free business with a great tutorial on how to do it the CLICK HERE. Completely free setup of this amazing new Cash Machine that comes with amazing traffic secrets to setup any business you want. Make money online easily with the 3 hour Cash Machine that has the Easy Traffic Blueprint build right into it. Like I said before you can get if free with just 4 signups and save yourself some money. Of course you are going to have to promote it.

How to Promote

Basically to get your free business rolling you just need to spread the word. Scroll to the menu above and start promoting it free on traffic exchanges, safe lists and classified ads. Like I said these are all free programs you can join and promote. This blueprint is for newbie marketers to set up a free business and make money without spending any money on advertising. As your business grows and you start making a little money then reinvest it back into the Viral Lightning system. Really simple and easy for anyone to do.


To make money online you just need two things really. A great business and places to promote. Other than that a great attitude and a never give up approach is always good. Patient is so important when it comes to starting a new adventure. Especially on the dark internet with so many people trying to grab your hard earned cash with crappy programs that never pay.

This is where the 3Hour Cash Machine comes in. You are going to be teaming up with proven heavy weights like Warrior+ and Leads Leap. Believe me folks these programs are winners and will always pay you when you make a sale. No need to fret about your business going under. Also a great feature is you can also put in your own programs to get leads. And I might add you are about to get a lot of them.

Benefits of Upgrading

Upgrading can be quite beneficial with programs that work. Let’s take LeadsLeap for example. You can write your own reviews in your back office for getting backlinks and life long leads coming to your links.

Let’s look at one example below of a great review written on the Leads Leap platform for life long advertising.

When it comes to all aspects of online activity including extensive earning, exposure, list building and much more, one of the most resourceful ‘must have’ systems you will want at your fingertips is LeadsLeap.

With a LeadsLeap membership (which is 100% free) you will be able to actually open doors that might otherwise have remained firmly closed, or at the very least have a pretty hefty price tag attached.

Don’t be fooled. While LeadsLeap may be free to join it is far from offering low value, in fact it has a list of highly unique benefits that are as long as your arm and can elevate anyones online experience above and beyond any expectations.

LeadsLeap will allow you to use the dynamic system tools at absolutely no-cost to help you build virtually any business, or even LeadsLeap itself.

The promotion ability alone far outweighs pretty much ANY other types of system found online.

For free you can also list up to 10 of your programs, offers, or opportunities that will be promoted by being shown firstly to LeadsLeap members, (of which there are currently over 171 thousand). Your ads will also appear on members promoted pages that have included LeadsLeaps PPC promotions on them. These numbers are ridiculously high, giving you beyond massive exposure across virtually every kind of online promotional system.

Upgrade and you gain another 10 slots for advertising programs, only as a Pro member you will be getting 10 of your now 20 slots viewed as mentioned above on complete autopilot.

So, even if you were just looking for powerful advertising, it is doubtful you would find anything that can either compete, or compare to this industry giant.

NEWS FLASH! LeadsLeap has just launched its very own in-house co-op system, which will without doubt soon become the envy of other co-op systems currently online. This is yet another phenominal addition to the already endless beneficial aresnal of powertools under one roof. (And you can earn yet another additional income just for using it! )

Some of the tools available within Leadsleap are:

In-House advertising to all members. Create your ad text with an accompanying image and members are encouraged to view others sites for more than a flash-by view for reciprocated credits, meaning your own site will get proper views and not just a few seconds because someone is surfing for credits.

Page builder. Whether you wish to build a splash pagecapture page, or any other kind of page this facility is a real gem, with many added features, including templates, as well as being ultra easy to work around and use.

A complete email marketing system including setting-up your own email series for any of your LeadsLeap pages, attached to the in-house hosted autoresponder which you have complete control of.

And the list goes onBlog, funnel builderform and pop-up creatorhosting for images, and PDF’s. Create reviews and recommendations and much more.

You can also earn real cash from various methods including site views, rating, referring etc.

In mentioning the referring, LeadsLead has an array of ways in which you can use its promotional tools, such as specific targets you might wish to share the system with.

In all honesty, I’ve only really touched the surface of what makes LeadsLeap a real must, but the bottom line is that all the facilities become a massive booster system for any online promotional activities.

If you want to get really serious there is the Pro upgrade for under $30 a month, and to say it is worth every cent is an understatement. One teaser for you here is that you can place 10 Pro ads into the system and they get viewed consistently on complete autopilot. As for the rest of the Pro benefits, they just seem to be endless.

Even as a Pro member myself I still keep finding new tools that are highly worthwhile, and of great value.

If there was a downside to LeadsLeap I’ve yet to find it, and I would suspect that all Pro members would agree.

I’ve used many all-in-one systems in the past, but I’ve yet to discover anything that can even come close to the overall benefits that have come from using LeadsLeap.


Like I said before the only two things you need to make money online are a great business funnel and a place to advertise. Take action today and join the two programs above and you will not fail.


the King of Traffic

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