Octo Opp is Great for getting signups

Octo Opp is Great for getting signups

Good Day Guys I found another super great new mailer you are going to love. Not only can you get signups easily to your programs with this one and Octo Opp is GREAT for getting signups. You can also make yourself some extra cash promoting the Octo Opp. This one is a lot of fun and who doesn’t like an octopus.

Personally I use the free version for promoting my Prosperity Marketing funnel. One really cool feature is you get bonuses galore when reading their emails. Bonuses like 100 112 extra credits are very common. It only takes a few short minutes and before you know it your advertising points are huge. I have clicked on ads and got bonuses 2 and even three times in a row for over 300 credits. In turn as a free member you can then post your own ads. A free member is allowed to post every three days and need 500 points or more. Don’t worry it only takes a few minutes of reading the Octo Opp email ads to reach this goal.

Octo Opp is Growing Fast

Already the Octo Opp mailer has over 3000 members. These members love this mailer and use it often as I do. This mailer is one of my favorite mailers to use and it is a lot of fun. You can make money by showing others your Octo Opp page. Octo is short for “Octopus”, Opp is short for “Opportunity”.
You can advertise anywhere you like such as: Other safelists, Traffic Exchanges, Classifieds, online or offline, social networks, FFA, banner sites and anything else that you find.
You can write your own email and make your own banner ads, or just use the below to promote Octo Opp.

The advertising site, Octo Opp is GREAT for getting signups.
(Octo is short for “Octopus” and Opp is short for “Opportunity”)

It autosends your advertising FOR YOU (so it saves you time) AND it’s a GREAT opportunity to make cash.

-Autosent advertising – it’s Hands Free
-Money 8 tiers down.
-Lots of little fun things inside the site to find (easy to find). -It’s a New Product.
-Receive ads – or not.

People are signing up fast, so start advertising to them right now
click below

Using Mailer to build your Business

Mailers are a really great way to build your online business. They are very popular with internet marketers even today. As technologies get more and more advanced mailers still hold a great piece of the internet marketing pie. Also they can make you some great extra income online easily just promoting them. Of course you should be building your own List but Safe List mailers are the second best thing for sure.

For an affordable option to the high cost of internet advertising grab these great free mailers I have on this site and start promoting or advertising your own business. You won’t regret adding the mailers to your advertising arsenal. Take action and get advertising and promoting today.

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