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Easy Hit Traffic for You

Easy Hit Traffic for You


Come along and join me at the No 1 Traffic Exchange on the Internet. Maybe in the whole entire universe. Free Traffic Exchanges are a great way to have some fun and expose your business to thousands for absolutely FREE. Easy hit traffic for you at

The Best Traffic Exchange

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Earn free advertising credits when you refer others to A great way to get tons of free traffic to your offers. Easy Hits has thousands and thousands of members that visit each and every day. Very popular Traffic Exchange. Spend a few minutes surfing each day to get lots of free advertising. Upgrade for only 7 dollars a month and get Banner, Text and surfing credits. Great bang for your buck. Henry Ford once said a business that don’t advertise is stuck in the sand.

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You earn up to 40% commissions from all purchases of our Easy Splash Builder and Easy Rotator tools made by your referrals.

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1,801,000 members can’t be wrong The Best Traffic Exchange

We have created a lot of splash pages, banners, peel away ads, and text links to help you refer new users. You are welcome to refer your friends and relatives.

Earn up to 30% credits

from your referrals. Bonus depends on your activity (50+ visited pages total during the last 30 days) and the number of your active referrals.
Refer new users and upgrade your account to receive even more credits from your referrals.

Receive $0.10

for every person you refer that surfs 100 or more sites!

Earn up to 40% commissions

from all purchases of our Easy Splash Builder and Easy Rotator tools made by your first level referrals10%Premium member20%Your current planTools+ member30%Premium member and Tools+ member40%

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