How Do I Get More Traffic Free on the Internet

It’s a fair question many are asking these days. With prices soaring around the world people are trying to save money. So how do I get more traffic free on the internet is a big question. Well on thing you can do is visit the King of Traffic and check out the amazing traffic sites. There are a ton of free ways to advertise that will get you more traffic. Most important is a lot of these sites can also make you a great income online.

One of the best ways to get into the multi billion dollar advertising site is to sell advertising. Also you can earn money with advertising just by being a free affiliate and promoting your new found business. This is a great way for aspiring internet marketers to earn money online. Most importantly is you won’t have to pay anything to get started. You won’t need to spend any money or start a blog. Promote your advertising site using other free advertising sites. Good mailers that are just coming online often pay 30% commissions to free members. A good example is the World Mailer. Get paid great commissions and use the promo code newmember for a ton of free advertising credits. New mailers can really be a great way to start a free business online selling advertising.

Article Writing still Works

Also you can get yourself some great free advertising writing articles. Articles still work my friends and you can write a great article all about your free mailer. Most articles allow you to place 2 links in them so viewers will click on them and send them to your free business. If they decide to join because your article was so inspiring well you will make a commission. Pretty cool just for writing a free article just once and posting it on the internet. Just like a rocket launched off into space it will travel forever in the internet universe. A really great way to get free traffic forever.

Now if you don’t have any training or knowledge in writing articles you can just google how to write an article on the internet. Of course you are going to have to join a good article site. I recommend LinkedIn. It is free to join and a good article will zoom to the top of the charts. Just like a good musical record. Of course there are a lot of other great sites you can zoom to the front of the class on also. Another one is MLM Gateway. Articles on this site are free to write also and they are very internet friendly just like LinkedIn. A good article that is well written will get read. Like I said before make sure you learn how to write a great article first. Do a little practicing a little editing to make sure it stands out in the crowd.

Advertising Free on the Internet

Of course advertising on the internet free does take a little effort. First of all to get yourself advertising credits you will need to click on ads. Lot’s of them to get yourself at least 1000 credits before you mail. No sense wasting your time unless you build up lot’s of advertising credits. There is another way you can get some free traffic and that is to start a FaceBook Page or Group. Another way is to join groups that are interested in whatever you niche might be. Say your going to promote Health products. By the way CTFO is a free health business which pays great commissions. I have been a member of them for years earning great money without paying anything monthly. Just promote them in your free mailers.

Anyways I am starting to wander and getting off the track of how to advertise free on the internet. We discussed the social groups such as twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, etc, etc. Join as many of these as you can and start interacting with other members. These days there are a ton of Social Sites such as Tic Toc which have thousands if not millions of every day users. Join one that is popular and start a following and follow others. Promote yourself and interact with others. A great way to have some fun and also make some money. Many people are making a great living on these social sites. Myself I don’t spend too much time on them as I like to write articles. Like I mentioned before if you write yourself a great article you will get free traffic forever.

If you are a video buff then YouTube is also a great way to get trickle traffic forever. Just make a great video of yourself, start a channel, which is also free and upload that big smiling face you got. People love watching interesting videos. Endless is the ways in which you can get yourself a ton of free traffic on the internet. Videos, Article Writing , Blogs, Mailers and of course don’t forget the traffic exchanges are all free.

Paid Advertising

Paid advertising on the internet can really put you in the poor house quickly if you don’t know what your doing. Rule of thumb is to hire someone that does know what there doing or take some lessons. Of course there are some awesome advertising programs coming online that are cheap. How about paying less than 5 bucks a month for advertising that is sent to a growing email list. All automatically. Just submit your link and everything is done for you. Using this method it is wise to use a tracking link. They are free and will show you just how much traffic your getting.

One such program that is growing like wildfire is a program called the Click Engine. Watch this Video and see exactly what this program can do for your advertising. And most importantly for your online income. You can make some great extra passive online income with the Click Engine which will pay for your purchase. it is a monthly membership so every member you sign up will be paying you monthly. And you will be building a great little income online while getting Proven Buyer Traffic. I am a member so of course there is a little favoritism on my part but at least I can give you my honest opinion and not steer you wrong. So far I am ahead of the game after a month or so and getting a ton of free advertising.

So yes you can get free advertising from joining a paid advertising site. Also the best part is there is a professional captain steering the boat so to speak. Sometimes the journey can be a little overwhelming so it’s good to have a pro at the helm. Watch the Video to see what the CLICK ENGINE is all about. You just might join me.

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