Free Traffic using the Top Mailers on the Internet

Hey Guys it’s Brent here alias the King of Traffic. So why am I King? Well someone has to be. Today let’s look at free traffic using the top mailers on the internet. Mailers are an awesome way to get leads for your mailing lists you are building. If your not building your own list you should be. Building your own list is a great way to build relationships online with fellow internet marketers.

How do you use the mailers? Nobody wants to spend all day clicking on email ads to get a few credits just to post your own ads. Some people do don’t get me wrong. Heck I even do it a lot. Especially with the really good mailers. A great secret with the top mailers is to take the lowest membership offering. It will cost you around 3 to 5 dollars a month for these upgrades so prepare yourself an advertising budget. If you really want to build a business online you are going to have to advertise.

There are ton’s of places these days to place ads depending on how much money you have in your advertising budget. Twitter and Facebook are expensive. No getting around it and you could blow a lot of money with little end results unless you know what you are doing. Craigslist is a great way to advertise for free so you might want to try that one. I use it free for my Silver Coin business and it does give me a few leads now and then. Anyways were getting off track so let’s get back to the mailers.

Building Your Mailing List

First of all I am not a millionaire Internet so I don’t have an unlimited advertising budget. I’m just a poor boy from a small country town looking for ways to make a few extra dollars online. So being restricted I look for really cool methods and most of all inexpensive ways to advertise. One of the best ways I have found yet is using the mailers. Before I show you some of the best and most affordable mailers to join your are going to need a capture page.

These are important to catch the eye of future team members. After all that’s what your goal will be is to build a team. Yup just like baseball. One great program to build awesome capture pages and funnels is Leadsleap and it is free to join. Check out the link and see what you can do with it. Like I said it’ free to join friends and you can use it on the cool mailers I am about to share with you.

Top New Mailers for List Building

There has to be a zillion mailers out there in internet marketing land for sure. One of the best ones if not the best new one I have come across lately is Tezzer.

After 9 successful years running Tezzers
(consistently one of the top performing traffic
exchanges in existence) and 20 years working online!
The old dog Tony Tezak has a new trick up his sleeve.

He teamed up with Robert Puddy and his winning
development team to bring you email marketing at it’s
BEST! TezzerMail is built to last. It is still seeing LOTS
of action.

TezzerMail is a double opt-in mailer and is new a growing like crazy. It continues to grow every hour of the day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year!

So rush over and access this ever growing resource of
red hot prospects and get them working for you.

The point-and-click system makes sending your email
promotions simple and fast!

The World Mailer

Another great mailer that just came out is the World mailer. One reason this mailer is so cool is it belongs to an awesome advertising group. Watch the video and check out this mailer.

World Mailer Video

I joined this mailer and got the Pro Upgrade. It is a super deal and you can get a great bang for your buck so to speak. It’s around 47 dollars for a whole year which works out to less than 4 dollars a month. With that you get banner ads, text ads and of course hundreds and hundreds of credits. If not thousands. Like I said before new and upcoming mailers are the best. World Traffic Mailer is connected to a ton of other advertising sources you can hook up with. Check them out at Monster Advertising. This is a free club to join which has a lot of advertising secrets and some great income programs.

These programs are interconnected with the World Mailer advertising system which you can unlock at a very low price to beef up greatly your marketing campaigns. In the meantime try out the World Mailer Free. Yuppers you can get it free and see what’s inside.

My Opinion

Advertise Free on the Internet King of Traffic
Advertise Free on the Internet King of Traffic

So in my humble opinion if your still reading is the mailers do work. Just yesterday morning I clicked into my free leadsleap mailer. Did I mention the LeadsLeap mailer rocks. Anyways it shows you how your lead building is going and where they are coming from. Lo and behold the World Mailer kept showing up giving me new signups on the mailing list. Well to my surprise I fell off the chair. The World Mailer is working to build my list.

Like building any kind of structure it does take time. A mailing list is much like construction. Start with a good foundation and create your mansion on top. After all even if the house collapses you will still have a great foundation to build again.

all the best and

thanks for reading

Brent the King of Traffic

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