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Can you really make money on the Internet from Home

Can you really make money on the Internet from Home

That is the question of the day. Can you really make money on the internet from home. Hey guys it’s Brent here from Advertise Free on the So I am going to talk a little about this and if you can really do it. The answer to this question is yes you can. I know because every now and then I will make a few bucks. Getting rich is a whole other question and I would say the answer is yes but it is tough.

For one thing you have to get yourself some education on how to do it. There are a few easy ways. Find yourself a great company and become an affiliate and make commissions. This is probably the easiest way. Which company you want to try and promote is the tough one. There are thousands of them out there. Don’t forget everyone has there own thing too. Once person might love fitness and another chocolate.

How do you get started is the big question

This is probably the most asked question by people. How the heck do I even get started making a little money online. Well I would say the very first thing you should do is find a niche. Yes find a niche you love. Maybe it is carpentry, or book writing or old silver coins. Whatever. You find that niche that you like or even love and start building a business with it. Let’s take an example and we’ll run with that. Say your biggest goal in life is to look great by losing a few pounds. Ok let’s pick a company that pays commissions selling their products. A good one is Chew the Fat Off.

A good company because they pay good and it’s free to join. You don’t have to buy any products to sell their products. Make a sale and you will make some money. Ok you joined, now what? Now you have to tell the world about your weight losing miracles. It’s as simple as that. Show your new business to as many people as you possible can. Day and Night and never give up. Be relentless. Heck bang posters on the telephone poles in the neighborhood if you have too. Tell everyone and sooner or later someone will buy something off you.

How to I promote my new Business Online

This is the hard part. Most online advertising cost’s a bundle. Facebook ads for example can be pretty pricey. So don’t buy their advertising. Instead make yourself a free Facebook page. Fill it with great pics of your products and write stories about how great they are. Write new posts as often as you can. Join groups on Facebook that have the same interests. Write posts on the groups. The more you post to your groups the more likes you will get. Build that new page of yours and make it look great. It’s free to do and before you know it your posts will start getting views.

Of course there are other ways to get some free advertising. One great one is Craigslist. Millions upon millions of people come to this classified ad site daily. Ads here can be written free and you can share your new business with these millions of people. Try different ads in different sections. Use the free ones. I like to use Business for Sale by Owner and also Services works sometimes. You get people emailing you wanting to learn more. Stick to the sections that relate to your business. Now this is only the tip of the iceberg because their are literally hundreds of classified ad sites you can post to. Use the free ones.

You can see how Simple it is

Now you can see how simple it really is to make some money online. Find yourself a good niche you like and join a program that pays. People make millions online but they work extremely hard at what they do. The so called Gurus who make millions are few and far between but they do exist. How these guys make there money I really don’t know. If I did I certainly would be doing it. I am sure hundreds of courses have been written and sold on how to do it. How many actually succeed I do not know.

In my opinion like anything the guy at the top is the one who rakes in all the dough. Much like the real world. Owners and CEO’s of the big brick and mortar companies shovel the big bucks into the truck. How much does the guy get paid who greets at the door? Not sure but it’s probably not much. This is why it is imperative to make money online free. Just find a great niche and promote it. It really is that simple. Maybe you won’t make a million. Maybe you will. Could be you hit the mother lode and every body want’s what you got.

Sometimes when a new niche comes along about this or about that and you find it first it can really pay good. Get yourself out there before the herds come. There are literally thousands of people around the world looking to make some money online. Nobody want’s to work in the downtown rat race anymore. Can’t really blame them, I sure don’t.

Hope this helps you out a little and come back often to see what’s new. If you want to make money online free you can do it right here at Advertise Free on the Internet so be sure to book mark this site.

All the Best

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