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Have you been asking yourself how to advertise my business free on the internet? If you are new to internet marketing you probably are wondering how to get traffic to your business. Maybe you joined Chew the Fat Off or Prosperity Marketing for example. These kind of affiliate programs can only succeed if you get yourself some targeted traffic. Everyone on the internet is after one goal. They all want to build their own business, Not yours!

Sure they will look at your offer so you will look at theirs, but believe me most don’t care unless you can impress them. Kind of like the old days of trade, if you got something cool they want it. I will look at yours if you will look at mine. This makes things very tough for a newbie for sure to succeed online. What you need is a plan. Well I am going to give you a plan, step by step on how to get rolling. Or maybe you are already rolling and need some extra momentum. Without further ado let’s move into Step 1 of Internet success.

Step 1

Are you still with me? If you are you will realize that a Blog is a powerful tool for success. Say for example my main business to make money online was the great affiliate program called Prosperity Marketing. If you are still reading this article and you clicked on the Prosperity Marketing link out of curiosity I just advertised my business for free on the internet. Once an article is written it stays online forever giving you years of advertising power. Blogs are powerful and your first step in becoming an internet genius is to get yourself one and publish it online. This might be a learning curve for aspiring entrepreneurs but remember, knowledge is power.

Blogs do take some time to build let’s not make any pre gone conclusions. Internet marketing is hard work. But like any great journey you need to take a first step. That first step should be building up a presence on the internet. is a great place to learn how to build awesome word press blogs. And get this their courses are free. Just type in learn wordpress and you will be given ton’s of choices on excellent tutoring courses. I learned a great many things about how to big a blog with Udemy. Like I said before this should be step one on your journey. Build a great Blog.

Advertise Free on the Internet the Blog you are reading now is super cheap to run. Less than 20 bucks a month and chances are you probably found this site on Google. Google just loves Bloggers and will give you an abundance of free traffic for years. Especially if you climb to the front page with a special niches that others haven’t yet discovered. Even if they have you can outdo them with a little learning on how to climb the ranks.

Step 2

I hope your taking notes because depending on your time schedule it might take awhile for you to learn blogging. Let us now assume you are an accomplished blogger with a great theme and interesting subject. Yes we are going to need a subject. The blog your reading right now for example is a blog about advertising. It’s general theme is on how to advertise free on the internet. Stay focused and persistent. Like the famous building of the desert town of Vegas. Build it and they will come. And they will if you have something to offer that they want. Vegas had gambling and now you need something as dynamic to entice readers to your new blog.

We will leave that up to you as you might already have a great business opportunity of your own. No business plan then look around here and I am sure you will find a great one. Step 2 is all about finding your niche. After all without a business you can’t make any money. Sure you can make a few cent’s with a blog or a few million. And everything in between. Lot’s of Bloggers out there who are raking in the dough. They do it with special niches or learning Blogs or maybe just write interesting articles about various news items. Like the universe there are endless directions one might travel.

Step 3

Ok now you have an awesome Blog and you have your business linked and you are ready to make some money. Write a great article at least once a week about your business. Use targeted words and links to get higher traffic rankings. What this is called is passive traffic. It will trickle in over time with targeted buyers looking for your products. You know yourself when you go on the internet to buy or look for something you type in the search to google. Exactly the same thing will work in reverse for you. Internet looky loos will find your business when they search.

That is all find and well you might say but you want results today not tomorrow. Targeted traffic is what your looking for. Fine and dandy if your loaded with cash and can buy some traffic. But what if you can’t. After all there are a lot of us who are not loaded with cash. This is where Free Advertising comes into play. You will find a ton of places right here on this blog on where to advertise free so be sure to book the site and come back daily.

Of all the sights that you can use for fee LeadsLeap has to be King. This free advertising site has so many things going for it I wouldn’t be able to write them all down. Amazing and fun site with absolutely thousands of daily viewers from all around the globe. And you can advertise to all of them daily for absolutely free of charge. Results are almost guaranteed as many on this site are looking for ways to make extra money online.

Free members can make money with this site easily. Read the paid per click ads for free traffic and extra cash. Doesn’t get much easier than that.

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Well there you have it in a nutshell folks. Internet marketing is as easy as one, two and three. Learn how to blog, find yourself a great business, get to work advertising for free right here at Advertise Free on the Internet. I am going to be adding more great free advertising in the future so be sure to come back and check them out.

In the meantime check out the great mailers and traffic exchanged you can use in the menu bars. Don’t forget to join LeadsLeap today for free and start using it right away. This is going to get your business exposed instantly to internet entrepreneurs. No one can predict your success but with a little hard work and dedication you will succeed. Find a great niche and focus. Dedication to a project is key and persistence is important. Never give up.


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