Advertise Free on the Internet King of Traffic

We all want to know how the heck can you advertise free on the internet and make money online. First and foremost you have to find the best advertising platforms. Believe me there are some that are amazing. And I might add they are free. These platforms actually bring more traffic to you than their upgrade options. According to their founder anyways, this is what they claim. Now mind you you have to work at getting all this free traffic by clicking on ads.

LeadsLeap is a great program for getting signups to your business. I know because I have been using it and it does work. As a matter of fact it works great. You will get so much exposure to your business it will blow your mind. One program I have is getting 90% of its signups from LeadsLeap alone. When I check out the referrals on the site it tells me where they are coming from and guess what? Yup you guessed it right. They are coming from LeadsLeap. Now mind you I go their almost daily for about ten minutes and click on their ads.

Ten minutes or so a day are really nothing when you are getting signups like crazy from just one site. Not only that some of the businesses advertising with this amazing free program are pretty interesting. A great place to look for opportunity on the internet for making money.

New Programs

Like I said before one of the best programs out there to advertise free on the internet is LeadsLeap. New programs are being introduced all the time at this site and some of them are well worth joining. A good way to make money online is to get in on new companies right from the get go. That is of course if they are any good. You can tell right away if the new opportunity you are looking at is going to be a hit.

Making money at this site is also very easy to do. Just look at some ads and sign up members. All the members you sign up will be clicking on ads and you can make a percentage of their commissions. Also they just introduced a new program where you can build a custom capture page. This is a very cool feature and I was messing around with it today. It is super easy to use. Build a custom capture page just like the pros is a few minutes. What better way to advertise free on the internet than by building and using your own custom capture pages.

King of Traffics How to Use Site

When you visit my site if you look in the menu bar you are going to see some really cool features I have added. Traffic Exchanges and Mailers with free super solo ads. You get HP super solo ads when you click on the mailer rotator in the menu. I just added these new mailers and they are awesome. They are giving away a ton of free advertising perks. Banners and Text Ads along with a whole bundle of free credits for sending out Solo Ads to the entire memberships.

Solos usually cost an arm and a leg but these ones are free and they have thousands of members. I might add that these sites are growing rapidly also. They are becoming very popular and the owner is upgrading and enhancing the sites daily. Awesome mailers that you can get right here at Advertise Free on the Internet.