One of the best ways to make money online is from free traffic on the internet. Safe lists work really well at getting you leads for your business. The other ways of course are the classified ads and the traffic exchanges.

When you use all of these methods along with social advertising daily you will be able to drive a ton of free traffic to your business. Best of all is this traffic won’t cost you a whole lot of money. Combine these methods with a great free affiliate programs and you now are a free marketer on the internet.

These are a great way to combine a business online that is cost free. There are some really good businesses that you can get that are absolutely free. Also you can even use the advertising sites themselves to make some money online. Promote great programs that have lot’s of members that pay commissions by signing up others.

Everyone needs to Advertise

Lets face it you need to advertise to make any kind of income on the internet. This is a great reason to promote advertising safe-lists and traffic programs. Build up your down lines and get more free traffic.

I have put together a super easy way for you to advertise online and even join and promote some of them to make yourselves some extra cash. Below I have placed some easy traffic buttons you can use. Simply bookmark this page and come back daily to advertise in the specific categories you like. Safe-Lists, Traffic Exchanges and Classified Ad sites are all linked to the buttons below.

All you have to do is click one of the big red buttons.

Happy advertising.

Traffic Exchanges

There are a lot of traffic exchanges and coops you can use to get traffic on the internet. Some are good to use and others are not. Below I have the best ones. These traffic exchanges get a ton of traffic and have a lot of members looking at your ads. Free to join and use but you have to come back daily and click on the big red button to get the full benefits.

Spend ten minutes a day on the traffic exchanges and it will pay off with your free advertising efforts. To really benefit from no cost advertising programs you have to use them often. A little work is worth it.

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Traffic Exchanges

Safe List Advertising

One method that really works well is using the safe lists. These are very simple and effective ways of reaching a whole lot of people daily. Simply sign up and view some ads to build up your credits. I know it sounds a little mundane but it works. There are tons of people clicking on ads building up their own credits. If you have a really cool business that stands out from the others people will check you out. After all these marketers looking at ads are there for only one reason. They all want to make money on the internet. By showing them how to do this you will also make your selves some money also.

Like the traffic exchanges and classifieds you should come back daily and set yourself a regime of daily advertising. Bookmark the king of traffics free advertising site and come back daily to post your free ads.

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Safe Lists and Solos Free

Free Classified Ad Sites

Below are some great free classified ad sites you might enjoy. Classified ads are kind of boring because you simply write ads. To break up the boredom you can view some other ads or come back daily to just write a few. Personally I find them boring so I added a couple of paid advertising classified sites where you can buy an ad and forget about it for a couple of months. These ads are cheap and well worth spending a few bucks.

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Free Classifieds


Well one thing for sure it is not easy making a few bucks on the internet. The only way you are going to do it is through some hard work and staying focused with your daily tasks. I made it easy for you to do. Just bookmark this site and come back daily. There will be more and great advertising added all the time.

all the best


the King of Traffic

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king of traffic