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Advertise Free on the Internet and Earn Cash doing it

Has anyone ever heard of a program called LeadsLeap? It is a free advertising site that get’s you tons of free traffic on the Internet. Did you also know that you can advertise free on the internet and earn cash doing it by joining LeadsLeap free and clicking on their ads!

Check out the kind of cash you can make on the internet with Leadsleap just visiting them daily and clicking on some ads, it’s a pretty easy way to place your free ad and click on some ads to make money and get a whole lot  of free advertising on the internet.

My Earnings & Expenses

This is where you keep track of your earnings and expenses, and also withdraw your earnings.
Earning Summary
Total Available [1] [2] $4.56


Pending Commissions [3] $0
Total Earned $20.25
Withdrawal In Progress [2] [4] $0
Payment Methods
Paypal (
Payza (

[1] Minimum withdrawal is $10. Earnings can also be used for account upgrades.
[2] There is a 60 days witholding period for affiliate commissions to account for refund, charge back or reversal.
[3] Payment will be made within 15 days upon withdrawal request.
[4] Withdrawal via Payza and SolidTrustPay is free (fee may be applied when you receive the money).
[5] Withdrawal fee via Paypal is 2%.



Is that cool or what. That’s 25 American I made with LeadsLeap just clicking on a few Ads. check out the reviews people are writing about this amazing free advertising program.



Advertise Free on the Internet and Earn Cash doing it



Keith Dyer

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Last Update: 2017-10-13

Wow! I’m blown away at how Kenneth Koh, leadsleap founder, has constantly taken this program to new levels. Honestly, I have only been using this system for a few months, but the utility of the Leadsleap program never ceases to amaze me. When I check my advertizing to see which ads are performing the best, Leadsleap is always at the top of the list in sending me lots of traffic. And with the Real Tracker, I know which of my ads are performing best. And I’m still learning new features and benefits!

But the traffic generation and aids in tweaking my advertising is only the tip of the iceberg. The best part of Leadsleap might be that in just a few short months, I’ve already earned commissions ready to be paid out. I never had commissions in mind when I joined Leadsleap, I joined to promote my primary affiliate business. Yet, when people get a good look at what Leadsleap can do, they join, and I’m earning. At the time of this review, I have 7 people on my first level, and 17 on levels 2 through 5.

(Update – As of 11/2016, I now have 9 referrals on level 1, and 259 on levels 2-8 – this is amazing!)

If you are serious about getting traffic and sign-ups for your business(s), Leadsleap is an awesome, free to join, system. And when you can earn additional money by just using it, it’s a no brainer!

(Update – As of 12/2016, I have 10 referrals on level 1, and there are 360 referrals on my levels 2-9. Plus 214 in my spillover!)

Update – As of 08/2017, 19 referrals on level one, 650 on levels two thru nine, and 361 in spillover! AND, my pro membership is paid for!!

UPDATE 10/12/2017, I now have 22 1st level referrals, 792 on levels 2-9, and 402 in spillover. Pro membership is paid!

This is just one out of thousands of satisified LeadsLeap users who are getting amazing results and making a lot of money with LeadsLeap. If you are looking for a way to advertise free on the internet and earn cash doing it then I would definitely put LeadsLeap at the top of your list.

LeadsLeap reinvents itself into a revenue-sharing advertising and leads building system.

The best has just got better.

I know what you are thinking. Revenue sharing huh? Buy some Ad Packs and get some profits in return?

No, no!

No purchase needed. This is a REAL revenue-sharing system.

The system is completely revolutionary!

What I really like most is its innovative ‘timer-free’ ad viewer and its ‘Real Visit’ tracking system. I can be assured that the traffic that I receive from the system are real visitors and I know how long they surf on my ad!

This is a system with lots of potential. Check it out.


Check it out for yourself and post 3 free ads and start making some cash. Did I mention there are six different ways to advertise your business!

Advertise Free on the Internet and Earn Cash doing it