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How Do I Get Traffic Free on the Internet

How Do I Get Traffic Free on the Internet

There is a question every aspiring internet marketer asks their self from time to time. How do I get traffic free on the internet. I don’t mean clicking of safe lists and traffic exchanges all day either. I am talking high quality proven buyer traffic. Well there is a way you can do it. Read on to find out more.

There are some very good traffic programs on the Warrior+ network. If you have never heard of the warrior affiliate site then you can find out more here.

How Do I Get Free Traffic with Warrior +

There is an easy way to get top quality traffic with the Warrior. First thing you must do is create an account. No worries because it is free. Once aboard you can pick some top quality traffic programs that you like. Here are the best performers on the Warrior that are very easy to promote.

Visit the best performers above and click on one of them. It will take you through a video about what and how they advertise your url. Join all three or just one. There is no real favorite for me although I do like Traffic Blaster Pro simply for the fact you can try it out for a week for only one buck. Heck of a deal.

Once you have made your choices get your affiliate link from the Warrior. Now you simply promote it. This sounds like a simple process but you are going to have to advertise your link somewhere. I recommend to join two of these programs. They are only around 5 bucks a month for a ton of traffic so you don’t have much to risk.

Then you simply advertise one program on the other one. Already you know that everyone on the list has bought traffic so they are likely to buy the traffic offer you are presenting to them. Now every sale you make you are going to be making monthly commissions. This will pay you for your traffic. And I might add this is high quality traffic. All of this traffic comes from proven buyers and best of all you won’t be click on ads all day for little or no results.

Take Action Today

Take Action today. Traffic is the life blood of your online business. Believe me traffic exchanges and safelists are a good way to build a list BUT. And this is a big but for sure, they are not a good way to make direct sales. You need to get your offers in front of buyers, not lookers. You have heard of the old saying the money is in the list. Well it is and that is why it cost’s so much for you to send your offer to someone’s list. One reason they charge you is because everyone on that list is a buyer and bound to buy again.

Join these programs and get your offers on buyers lists for only pennies a day. It just could be the best investment you could ever make for your business.



Well I hope this helps you a little on your traffic seeking. I use these programs and they work. Not only do they bring me traffic I just checked my Warrior Account this morning and I have sales. You can use your commissions to buy even more traffic and get more links. As you can see you can turn this into a very lucrative little side hustle promoting traffic.

Everyone needs it so why not give them the best.

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