Top Dog Advertising System Explained

Here is a great chance to get 1000s of top quality advertising hits coming to your business. The Top Dog Advertising System explained to you in short and simple terms. Top Dog rotator puts your business on the best advertising sites on the internet.

Top Dogs will make YOU a Top Dog.

Don’t stay behind any longer. Treat yourself better than that…
just run with the Top Dogs and reap the benefits.

With TopDogsRotator you can>>

– List unlimited sites
– Your signups also show your sites – WITHOUT using your hit credits.
– Earn hits.. A LOT OF THEM
– This rotator is a powerful force to build your signups and traffic.

– Only YOUR ads show on your rotator
– Viralize your ads AND get micro ads <— Amazing system in there!
– Hits sent to your rotator <— Amazing system in there too!
– 21 year site owner – who pays and answers members.
– 100 % custom built site.
– Contest going on right now!

It’s shockingly massive traffic.
Get the traffic that the top dogs get starting NOW…

What is a rotator

It’s 1 url that takes turns showing many of your sites. Instead of having to list numerous sites (that you belong to) on other advertising sites, you’ll just list one. Once you sign up to Top Dog you will get your own rotator with only your urls on it. Top Dog will advertise your urls on all it’s advertising sites also. There are various upgrade packages you can get and you can also click on ads to get free credits. Free is always good so you can get to be a Top Dog totally free. Mind you it takes a lot of clicking each day but if your broke you can do it.

You will get .5 or .6 credits for each click you do reading the ads. There is a lot of really cool businesses, affiliate programs and other programs worth looking at. Maybe you will find your next big venture by clicking on the Rotator.

Common Questions and Answers

There is no rotator bar on top of the site I am showing?
No. The only thing that shows is a small box in the right hand corner. It then disappears after 10 seconds. This will show your websites 100%.
I figure Top Dogs will gain signups because members have their referral pages to use instead.

You can even list your Top Dogs referral url in your rotator.

Showing your sites 100%, it’ll get you signups to the programs that you are wanting to show, without distractions (even for Top Dogs itself!)

What are micro ads?
The show in the small box in the upper right hand corner. They show ONLY YOUR micro ads. This rotator shows only your ads.

Can Free members affiliate?
Of course they can. I just need you to be a member so I can keep track of your referred sales. It also has banners and email adcopy to use inside the members area. You do not have to buy anything to do so.

Can Free members get hits on the rotator too?
Of course they can. You can get free hits by clicking on other member rotators or by referring others to Top Dogs. They will show your rotator (your sites) too.

What if Top Dogs goes offline, I will my lose advertising elsewhere?
This is on (heavy duty) dedicated servers that no one else has access to, and have 99.99% uptime.

My advertising never runs out?
It will never run out, you get the giant bulk hit package but will also get a package of hits every single month

Is it a subscription?
No. These are lifetimes.

Can I buy more than once package?
Yes, it just adds the hits onto what you have already bought

How many sites can I add to my rotator?
As many as you like.

Tracking Your Url

So you can join Top Dog for free and click on Ads for credits to get Free Advertising. Pretty cool. But you should be tracking your url to see how much traffic the old dog is giving you. Here is a great free tracking program you can use to track your traffic urls with. Super easy to use and it will tell you who and how many are visiting your links. Join HitsConnect to track your urls free on any site you wish.

When you advertise your business, you expect
to make some profit out of it… I mean,
that’s the whole idea of advertising
in the first place, right?

Sorry to say it doesn’t work that way a lot
of the time… most advertising actually
loses money for businesses…

You need a way to track what each ad is
doing, and whether it’s profitable or not…

If you’re not tracking your ads, you’re
pouring money down the drain that
should be in your pocket…

When you do track, then you can keep testing
and refining and changing your ads, so they
become more and more effective over time…

Instead of a money-draining expense that you
dread paying for each month, your advertising
becomes the most profitable investment you make…

It’s up to you… take a look at an amazingly
simple method for tracking all your ads:


Well there you go a 1 2 punch using the Top Dog Rotator. Like I said you can join free, click on ads for credits and use the tracker at HitsConnect for free also. Of course it’s up to you if you want to beef up your campaigns by upgrading. Upgrades are always a good idea to get more positive results. Hope you got a little value from this article and we’ll see you again.


The King of Traffic

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