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Review of the List Infinity Viral Mailer and Income System

Review of the List Infinity Viral Mailer and Income System

Hey Guys it’s the King of Traffic here and I would like to give you a review of the list infinity mailer and income system. This program has lot going for it. For just a one time payment of 25 bucks your going to get a complete marketing system. Unbelievable value for your money. It comes with so much marketing power it is quite amazing you can get it so cheap. And I might add there is no monthly fees and just one sign up and you get your 25 bucks back. Also if you are a PayPal lover you can just hook it up to get your cash. Gotta love that.

Review of the List Infinity Viral Mailer and Income System

Complete System Setup

  • Connect your autoresponder. AWeber is recommended because all of the emails in the 30-day campaign are automatically merged with your referral link and email signature. If you use GetResponse, Leads Leap, or Traffic Wave, you’ll need to add the follow-ups manually.
  • Customize Your bridge page. After someone opts into your email list, they will land on your bridge page. You can edit the text and add your photo or you can skip straight to the sales page.
  • Import Your Email Campaign. If you use AWeber, you can easily import the 30-day email campaign and add a Global Snippet that will merge your affiliate link and your signature.

  • Select Payment Options. The system allows you to add multiple payment options including Credit Card, PayPal, Cash App, Venmo, Zelle, and more.
  • Activate Your Income Streams. There are five income streams that are integrated into the system: Quick Funnels, AWeber, Leads Leap, Udimi, and Click Magick. You only need to sign up for the free affiliate programs and enter your affiliate links.
  • Add Your Affiliate Offers. You can add unlimited offers for programs that you promote and they will be displayed when your referrals click on the Highly Recommended tab.
  • Add Your Tracking Pixels. If you want to track conversions on leads and sales, you can add tracking pixels from any tracking service. We recommend Click Magick.

Build Your Email List

Click “Lead Capture Pages” and get your link to one of the pages that will capture leads and add them to your email list. The system will automatically follow up with your subscribers and generate sales for you. And you can promote any offer you want to your list to make even more money!

Every 5th lead that your referrals generate passes up to you. So, you get 20% of all the leads that your referrals generate. And those leads are added directly to your email list. The more people you refer, the faster your list will grow!

Step Three: Get Paid Instantly!

If you a Starter member, you will be paid $25 for every person you refer who also upgrades to the Starter Level. Payments are sent instantly to your account!

If one of your referrals signs up as a Free Member, and they refer someone who upgrades to Starter, the sale will be passed up to you!

If you’re a Pro member, you will be paid $25 for Starter level referrals and $100 for Pro level referrals!

If you’re an Elite member, you will be paid $25 for Starter level referrals and $100 for Pro level referrals, and $300 for Elite members!

Plus, your referrals will pass up every 5th lead to you. And if they upgrade, you get paid up to $300!

Ready to make some money?

Let’s rock this!

Review of List Infinity


Hey Guys, so I joined ListInfinity today and this program just totally rocks. And I might add besides all the cool Capture Pages and prewritten Post Ads you can also make a ton of money. Now I just joined today and being a LeadsLeap member already with an emails series I just connected it. You can do this with just one click and all the capture pages are connected and building your list.

Now I am building my my list even faster and I know this program is going to start filling up my paypal with cash. I just started out with a one time fee of 25 bucks which is a steal for this and I will upgrade when the cash rolls in and even make more money. This program is honestly the best money making program I have ever stumbled upon.

You gotta get this one.

all the best

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