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Review of the Free Millions of Leads System

Review of the Free Millions of Leads System

I am always on the look out for new systems of advertising especially the free ones. That’s of course if they are any good or not and provide results. Millions of leads for Free is a pretty cool free advertising system that has been out for awhile and I have been using it daily. So I want to give a Review of the Free Millions of Leads System.

Basically it is an ad system where people visit you ads, click on them and earn points. Same old same old you might say. Millions of Leads is a little different though because you can gain viewings when you post your ads. Quite simply put the more points you can gather the higher your ads will be shown on the advertising platform.

How Does Free Leads Work

At MillionLeadsForFree.com, every member may post to at least 5000 leads per day, which equals to 1,825,000 leads for the year! The leads you’ll be posting to everyday have all been confirmed and verified. These leads have all logged in and show some activities and interest in various opportunities within the last 72 hours! If you’d like to post to more than 5000 leads per day, we also offer a variety of ways, both paid and free, that you can choose from to post up to 100,000 leads per day!

I like the options Free Leads has to pay for your advertising if you don’t want to click on the ads. Also they have a log in ad advertising system you can get. There are literally millions of members and when they log in your ad can pop up right in front of them. These log in ads always produce results on popular sights and MOLFF is very popular. When you log in as a free member you simply go to the message box and click on a minimum of ten ads.

Clicking on ten ads gets you the opportunity to now post your ad. There is a great HTML box if your familiar with a little coding. If not you can simply click on the code of a Banner and paste in in the HTML section. Click save and now you have a great banner ad in the system.

Simplicity Works

I always found the simpler the advertising system the easier it is to use and get results. Actually the simpler the better and Millions of Leads for Free is very simple and easy to do. Also it is an easy program to promote to your lists and other free advertising sites. Maybe you have a large list you promote to. Sign up free affiliates and you will get yourself a ton of free advertising.

When I use the system now I still use it free. Right now I am promoting a program called Monster Club. A really cool thing about the monster club is you can click on the referral menu and see where the referrals are coming from. Nice feature that shows you what advertising programs are working. Lo and behold I got a sign up from Millions of Leads for Free. Now that I know I am getting results from I can recommend it to other people. The system works and it is super easy to do and it’s free.

If you are looking for a great free advertising program that is fun and easy to use give MOLFF a go. Nothing to lose and you can check out all the cool features in your back office. You probably won’t make too much money promoting the program but you will gain a whole lot of free advertising.

Millions of Leads


Well it looks like in my humble opinion that Millions of Leads for Free works. It really does get you exposure and yes even signups. I can tell you this in all honestly because I just got one from there. Even today I went to the program signed in and clicked on around 50 ads. Why not spend a few more minutes if you have some free time and click on a few more ads.

You only have to click on ten ads before you can legally post your business but the more ads you do click on the higher up the ladder it will go. This simply means your ad will go closer to the front pages the more ads you click. For me I don’t like to blow money on the internet if I don’t have to which is why I like this program. Sign up today and start posting.

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Review of the Free Millions of Leads System
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