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Review of the EZ Clix Updated Traffic System

Review of the EZ Clix Updated Traffic System


EZ Clix Traffic is a traffic club system that just could solve your traffic problems forever. It will not only bring you high quality traffic but could also boost your online monthly income. I use this program myself and believe be it is easy to get free traffic with just a couple of signups.

Watch the Video below to find out more about EZ Clix and join me below to get your own traffic system to help you succeed online.

EZ Clix

Review of the EZ Clix Updated Traffic System

Instant Traffic in Three Easy Steps…

Step 1. Create Account

This gives you access to submit & update your links, claim your bonus ads, grab your referral link & check your stats.

Step 2. Submit Your Link

Enter your offer URL, check it meets our requirements and submit. That’s it! Your traffic will start within minutes.

Step 3. Optional Extras

There’s extra tools and unadvertised bonuses you can then explore… all optional but highly recommended.

Why You Need Better Traffic Options

Most free & instant traffic systems are a suckers game that stop working as soon as you do. Social media & video are great, but they require far more time and effort than anyone will ever tell you up front. And paid traffic is a lottery… it can work, but you never know for sure until after your money is spent…

 Manual Traffic

Traffic surfing and email reading both give the illusion of traffic, but most of your visitors are all other sellers, only there because they want traffic to their own offer. There’s value there if you know where to look… but it’s NOT sitting there for hours, mindlessly clicking…

 Social & Video

Both of these do work extremely well, once you have the followers. But you only get followers when you’re producing loads of great content. That takes tools, know-how and a whole lot of time. Be wary of anyone who tells you one-click software can create that kind of content or instant results.

 Paid Traffic

There’s all kinds of paid traffic options that can all deliver, but you mostly get what you pay for, and good traffic doesn’t come cheap. Your choice is to just chance it and hope it works, or start slow and test it all… and hope you don’t run out of money before you find a winner.

EzAdz utilizes all of these traffic sources, but we do it the right way. We work together as a traffic buying co-op, to access a broad portfolio of premium traffic sources and we recycle and leverage every single visitor to generate maximum value for our members.

Here’s How Your EzClix Traffic Portfolio Stacks Up…

Custom Viral Systems… We feed a portion of all our visitor traffic into these, especially our paid traffic. These grow our passive traffic and deliver more and more long-term, ongoing traffic as time goes on.

Premium Traffic Packages… We split these visitors between your offers and our Viral Systems, where we can recycle & leverage each visit. This lets us grow the system and extract ongoing value from one-time traffic purchases!

Login Ads… These let us put your offers infront of Traffic Exchange surfers and Safelist members, BEFORE they drift into that mindless clicking mode. We love these kinds of ads where we know we still have the visitor’s attention.

Traffic Rotators… The quality can be a bit hit-and-miss, but our Co-op approach means we can buy enough traffic to make it work! This gives us easy access to a broad audience, so it’s great for promoting our viral systems as well.

Banners… They get a bad-rap, but banner traffic is engaged traffic. People choose to click because they want to know more. So we use Banner Traffic to feed the EzClix Viral Systems and our own incentivised rotators.

Social Tools… This is another option where you do the work once and the visitors keep on coming, as long as you do it right and stick at it. We haven’t got the time or patience for that though, so we outsource it to the experts!

Email Marketing… We capture a lot of leads from our own promos and from our affiliates’ efforts… so we also recycle that traffic to feed the viral components and generate additional page views at every opportunity.

Game Theory… This stuff just works and you’ll see we use it extensively on EzClix to deliver more engaged visitors and extra page views. A lot of traffic sites use these techniques now so whenever we find it done well we always ramp up our ad buy.

That’s just a quick overview. We already have a large and varied portfolio and we’ll be adding new sources constantly to ensure YOU get a steady flow of high-quality visitors to your offers…


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