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How to Buy the Best Silver Coins

How to Buy the Best Silver Coins

Howdy Folks it’s Brent here from Advertise Free on the Internet. Editor and Chief in charge of making your life more happier, healthier and most importantly wealthier. So how do you get wealthier these days in these crazy times? One of the best ways is Silver and Gold. So how to buy the best Silver Coins and Gold Coins from a respected Dealer you can trust. Well first of all you should be buying from the good old US and not fake coins from abroad.

There is a great new Company called QuickSilver that sells the finest Gold and Silver Coins from around the World. Right now they are having Free Shipping to US citizens so that in itself is a great deal to save you some money. They also have a great auto ship program where you can automatically get Pure Silver Coins mailed right to your door. Great way to build wealth on autopilot don’t you think. Check it out!

How to Buy the Best Silver Coins

One has to be careful when it comes to buying Silver and Gold coins. There is a ton for sale on Ebay and such sites but buyer beware. You want to be buying your Silver from a Dealer you know you can trust. QuickSilver is a company that I have been building wealth with for years in Silver Coins. A great choice I make as the value has doubled and now heading towards a triple over just a few short years. Buying monthly is a great way to stack Silver and Gold for the long haul. You must look at Silver as a way to preserve your wealth and build it over time.

Let’s face it time flies buy and before you know it you are old, grey and broke. No hot chicks are going to go for and old broke grey haired guy. Maybe if you got a little cash tucked away in gold and and silver you might still have a shot at love. LOL, or something to have tucked away in your old age for other things like food. Cashing in just one ounce of Silver these days get’s you around thirty bucks which can buy you a great meal. After stacking some Silver coins on auto pilot every month your stash should be quite amiable after ten years. The trick is to stay at it.

This is where cost averaging on auto pilot comes in. Just set and forget it. Like I mentioned before, time does fly by fast and before you know it your wealth will build. Who knows too, maybe Silver will soar to the moon. Personally I don’t think or depend upon the price of Gold and Silver to rocket ten fold over night. For me it is more of a steady, slow as you go process where you can build a substantial amount of wealth over time. Who knows maybe you want to buy a house or take a world cruise in ten years or so.

How to Buy the Best Silver Coins

One thing for sure you want to be sure you are collecting the highest quality of coins and that they are Pure. You don’t want to get fooled into buying cheap copies and fakes.

Coins that are Pure Silver like Eagles and Maple Leafs are a good choice for collectors. Also pure Silver Rounds like the Buffalo and 5oz Bars are a good choice. I really like the 5 oz Bars. They are small and easy to store in small spaces. When you cash in a Bar you can get a good chunk of change at the going Silver price of the day. Also you can cash in these coins and Bars anywhere on the Planet. Everyone likes gold and silver so no worries ever about losing your wealth.

QuickSilver is a great Company to get involved with if you are looking for a home business also. When you make a sale of a coin you get a commission. Every one likes making extra money. With your commissions you can cash them in or trade them for Silver Coins. Every now and then I will visit QuickSilver and click on the Cash in for Silver choice and get real Silver Coins delivered right to my door. FREE Silver is always a rush and actually I just checked my QuickSilver account and can get more Free Silver. Cool or What!

Be sure to click on the Coin above to see what’s new today and the great auto ship choices. If you want to start your own fun and lucrative Silver Coin Business it is very affordable to get going with no obligations to purchase Coins or other items so be sure to check out that option.


One of the ways to supplement your income these days is to start a side hustle and selling Gold and Silver is a great choice. Every one loves Silver and Gold whether for jewelry or collecting. Get involved with a great home business for pennies a day. I have this little home business and it’s a great way to make extra income. You can easily do it to. It comes with a ton of marketing tools to help you out and a great commission structure you can trust.

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