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How to Advertise Free on the Internet with Blogs

How to Advertise Free on the Internet with Blogs

How to Advertise Free on the Internet with Blogs review by the King of Traffic.


Blogs are a great way to advertise your business, especially if you’re looking for organic traffic. The only problem is that it’s very hard to get people to click through on ads in blogs. But don’t worry! This article will show you how easy it is to get free traffic from blogs and earn money from them with AdSense ads or other methods of advertising on the internet.

Blogs are great places to advertise.

Blogs are great places to advertise. They’re a great way to get traffic, and they can be the key to getting people to click through on your website or buy from you.

The first step in advertising free on the internet with blogs is figuring out which blog will help you achieve your goals best. There are many different kinds of blogs out there—some focus more on fiction than others; some are more general than others—so choosing one with its own unique voice will help set it apart from other sites and make it easier for visitors who visit both yours and theirs (or vice versa).

There are all sorts of ways to get traffic from blogs.

There are all sorts of ways to get traffic from blogs.

  • Bloggers will often give away freebies or give you a discount if you buy their products. For example, if you’re selling something on your website and want to get more people interested in it, offer a free report or sample of the product that goes along with it (and then link back to your site).
  • You can offer a free ebook or video that gives more information about the topic at hand and helps people learn how they can use what they learn in their own lives—and then again link back to your site so they know where else they can go for more help!

Find a good niche and write about it.

If you’re going to be writing about anything, it needs to be something that you are interested in and can write about well.

If your audience is not interested in the niche or if they don’t see any relevance between what they need and what your blog provides, then they won’t want to read their way through a post on it.

Your website should tell the world who you are, what makes you different from other brands and why anyone should choose your company over those other companies (or vice versa).

Make sure your content is good enough to get people to click through.

  • Make sure your content is good enough to get people to click through. This can be hard, but it’s an important step in getting more traffic on your site.
  • Make sure your content is written in a friendly tone and can appeal to different audiences. For example, if you’re writing about a topic that’s more technical than what most people would be interested in reading (like programming or computer science), keep it simple and easy-to-understand.
  • Anyone should be able to understand what you’re trying to say without having any prior knowledge of the subject matter. You should also avoid using language that might come off as too formal or technical—people will often scan through pages looking for something interesting that catches their eye; if they don’t find anything immediately after clicking over from one page onto another (or even from one paragraph/sentence onto another) then chances are good that those who do eventually get there won’t stick around long enough for anything else about said website/blog post ever catch their attention again!

The more you advertise, the more money you can make!

You can make a lot of money from blogging, advertising and affiliate marketing.

You can also sell your own products and services through your blog or website.

If you’re not interested in selling other people’s products and services, then there are still ways to make money from blogging:

Set up Capture Pages

Having your own Blog cannot only make you a great income through affilate programs and monetizations with sites like Adsense you can also capture emails. Blogs are a great way to build your emai lists. There is a program called ListInfinity where you can get amazing capture pages which connect to your autoresponder. Don’t have an autoresponder, get a Free one here.


As you can see, there are all sorts of ways to get traffic from blogs. You don’t need to be a blogger or have a blog, but it’s important. You’ll want to find one that’s relevant for your business and offer something interesting so people will click through on their site. I reccomend you get WordPress. Easy to use with hundreds of great features.

There are two kinds of WordPress, free and paid or the pro. The free blog won’t get you too far so a pro one small investment is well worth the cost. All the hosting companies have an easy to use WordPress hosting program you just plug in. There are a ton of hosting companies out there such as GoDaddy, etc.

Choice one you like, set up your WordPress, plug in your favorite theme and start blogging.

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