Lets talk how to get traffic cheap and easy with Traffic coops

Got a great internet business that is going to put you on easy street. Way to go. Now all you got to do is put that great business in front of thousands of people daily. More people see it the richer your going to be. Make sense? Of course.

Let’s talk about money. How much money are you going to want to spend on your road to riches. Hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands. Maybe you just want to spend a few bucks and get a whole lot of traffic. Now that makes a whole lot of better sense.


Where to Begin


We have to start our road to internet riches somewhere. First steps are usually the most difficult but I am going to give you a great little secret. Better than a walker. Traffic Exchanges. Uh Oh, your probably thinking I don’t want to spend a ton of money on monthly fees. Also I don’t want to click on dumb ads all day. This is where the the Ad Coops come in. These things work great.


For a few bucks a week you can get your business in front of thousands of viewers every month. The exact amount of viewers is anyone’s guess but who cares. Simple fact of the matter is you are going to be getting a whole audience of internet marketers looking at your ads daily. Just good business sense and it wont’ cost you much money. Of course there are coops that are not very good and ones that are.


Good coops

I use about 5 of these things and the results are pretty good. Let’s start off with theDownliner. It is my favorite one. Gets you a whole lot of traffic very, very cheap and it run by a great guy. He also has a great income plan built into it which he will promote for you too. Kind of a double whammy for your money. Hey, it’s all about the money isn’t it.

Another one I really like is called VTEC. This site is a pretty good bang for your buck when it comes to advertising. They have sister sites you can advertise on also. There always giving away bonus credits you can use to get traffic on these sites. VTEC has around 380 high quality traffic exchanges where your ads will be seen. That’s a lot of traffic for the money you will be spending. Right now they have a big sale on so hurry on in and take a look.


Tips for Using Traffic Coops

Traffic co-ops are a great way to get visitors from many different sources while surfing only your favorite exchanges (or not surfing at all, if you choose to upgrade or purchase credits). Here are some ways of using these programs to their full potential:

  • Send any extra traffic to the co-op. If you find yourself earning more credits than you are using at your favorite TE, fill all the site slots and add your co-op links as well. Not only it’s a great way to deal with slow credit delivery, your pages will also get promoted at hundreds of TEs instead of just one.
  • Add your rotator link to the co-op if it’s allowed by their rules. Then you can switch promotions on-the-fly instead of having to login to your account and re-approve the site every time. You can add new, fresh splash pages of recently-launched programs, and blast them across hundreds of exchanges.
  • Consider upgrading for a higher earning rate. This seems rather obvious, but some co-ops will actually give you more than 1 credit per 1 view of your co-op link! This way you can get more credits back than you put in.
  • Avoid additional frames. Invisible rotators are fine, but framed ones will result in a “squashed” site displayed between traffic exchange surfbar, co-op bar, and lastly the rotator bar. It is also usually against the rules to add one co-op link into another co-op. Use direct splash pages or an invisible rotator like Rotate Urls.com  which is allowed by all the traffic co-ops listed on this page except CoopMG.
  • Manual only: autosurfs have their uses, but remember to only promote your co-op link in manual traffic exchanges. Some co-ops use a list of approved sites and others a list of banned ones, but all of them are designed with manual visits in mind.


Adboards verses Traffic Coops

Adboards are also a great way to get free traffic. The amount of traffic you will get is questionable. My personal opinion is your money will buy you more views with the traffic coops. Now I can’t say for sure if reading an ad or viewing a live video ad works better. When you are reading text ads you may see a catching headline and click on it. What happens when you see a catchy video like this on a TE.


I will leave it up to you to decide what you think will get you more attention. What works in my opinion is a great video. People will tell you to share capture pages to build a list. For me this takes too, too long. Instant action is what I am looking for and the coops can give you that.