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Did you know that you can Advertise Free on the Internet with Top Free Safe-lists. One of the best ways to get free traffic on the internet. Also the text and banner advertising inside them is a huge free traffic draw. After years of advertising with free mailers I have decided to put together a great free Safe-List Blaster.

Why use emails. The best reason I can think of is the amazing free traffic it generates. Post one Solo Ad or Email Ad and it will get read by all the members of that mailer. Every day a new mailer comes online. Some of them are good with lot’s of members. Many of them are not worth your while.


Best Mailers


A few good examples of great mailers are popular new mailers that are coming online. That’s right after 9 successful years running Tezzers consistently one of the top performing traffic exchanges in existence.  Tony Tezak has a new trick up his sleeve. He has teamed up with Robert Puddy and his winning
development team to bring you email marketing at it’s BEST! The brand new TezzerMail is built to last.

It is seeing LOTS of action. I want you to be there with me and be a founding member.


There are lot’s of great mailers out there. European Mailer, State of the Art Mailer, List Joe and many more that have been around for years. These mailers have thousands of members. In my opinion the up and coming mailers seem to get more exposure to your ads. Simply said newer members seem to be more active on these newer sites. Another really great new mailer by Darren Olander a noted Network market is AdChiever. One of the best new mailers in my opinion.


AdChiever Perks

You will love this!  Check out this free video presentation that will teach you how to write e-mails that demand attention and pull in the most cash. Watch it now right here.


It only takes one time to learn these techniques . You will be pumping out killer e-mail promos every time you write and improve your results by leaps and bounds! Plus, you can avoid the most common mistakes
people make when writing their e-mail. Not only is this a great new mailer. Darren Olander will show you how to master email marketing with free lessons. A great new mailer you should be using with thousands of new members  viewing your ads.



Make Money with Mailers


Did you know you can make some pretty good extra money online promoting mailers. Every one online trying to make money should have a list of mailers and be using them. Of course it depends on your upgrade or your spare time. Net Work Marketers like to take the upgrades to promote to more members freeing up their spare time. Like any Business advertising pays off.

Making money with mailers works the same way. Free spare time can be an asset if you have the patience to click on emails to earn credits. Look for great mailers that have built in extended advertising systems. Viral Nugget is another new great mailer you should be using to generate quality traffic.


Viral Nugget Perks


Earn highly effective email advertising, and get rewarded more for your time, because along with credits you also earn bonus text and banner impressions for EVERY click! Your texts and banners can be displayed across dozens of different websites using Viral Nugget. Plus, it’s extremely viral.  Leverage the power of a downline by earning credits five levels deep.


Whenever your downline earns impressions from displaying ads, you earn them too!  Get referrals and advertising effortlessly using the power of widgets and ad blocks on your site. Set up the widget once, and get traffic forever!  It’s free, easy, and viral! Start getting more for every click:




Use the King of Traffics SafeList Blaster


Hi it’s Brent here and I have put together some of the coolest safelists on an easy to use rotator. Get your own free rotator and you can put your own favorite mailers on it and use it daily. A great time saver when using the mailers. Be sure you know your ads are going to your favorite mailers and not being sent to mailers that do not get you traffic. Free Traffic is what we need. Paid Traffic with high quality clicks is what you need to make money online.


Just Click on the Big Red Button Daily to advertise your products to thousands Free online Daily!


Top Free Safe-Lists