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thedownliner Review by the King of Traffic

I would like to talk a little today on how to get a ton of free traffic and even make a little money with free advertising. So let’s look at the traffic coop’s. A quick rundown via thedownliner review by the King of Traffic. I mean the King knows best right? How to advertise free on the internet with thedownliner.

First of all there is 100s maybe even thousands of free traffic sites on the internet. One of the problems I have with these is the time it takes to generate points to get this traffic. For example when you join one of these sites you have to click on ads to get free credit’s. Now I don’t know about you but time is precious and spending it doing something more productive counts. This is where thedownliner coop comes in handy.

thedownliner Review by the King of Traffic

What exactly does this traffic coop do and how do you get to use it free? Well what is does basically is put your ad in front of 1000s of free advertising sites and all the social sites. This is just to name a couple of it’s great advertising power. So how do I use it free? By signing up others and getting paid cash. Yes thedownliner will pay you cash when you sign up a new affiliate and they buy some advertising. Advertising is one of the most sought after products sought after on the internet by the way.

Take a peek at these stats from thedownliner.

  • Traffic received from 2020-04-02 08:13:26
  • Hits received from 2020-04-02 08:13:18
  • Views received from 2020-04-02 08:13:15
  • Looks received from 2020-04-02 08:13:12

19,254 Co-Op Views Remaining $24.81Commission Available CLEARED Required Views 32,968Shop Points $5.50 Purchase Balance115,887,359

All these stats are from today. As you can see there are over 19,000 views left. Now these are views I still have available. There is already two of my sites running at the coop with 10,000 credits each. Credits that were bought and paid for with cash I earned free signing up affiliates.

thedownliner Review

Now to have your ads running automatically on 100s or even 1000s of websites all year round cannot hurt. Especially if you don’t have to click on other ads. Every now and then when I am bored I will go to a site like and click on some ads. Although this is a great site where you can get lot’s of traffic and even earn money you still have to work.

This is what makes theDownliner so awesome. Once you start promoting it and getting a few signups your advertising budget will lessen. Which means more free advertising. I have been using it for about a year now and it does take time to build your free advertising. But I must add it is easy to get a list built. People need advertising because without it they cannot make money online. Or anywhere else for that matter. No sense having a business if no one knows about it.

thedownliner Review

Did I mention that theDownliner also has a built in income program. If none of you have heard of AIOP or All in one Profits. What this program does is build you a monthly income automatically. Just sign up to theDownliner and join. If already a member just add your id. A great way to make extra money. Your AIOP information is rotated through the system and random members joining will be added to your team. Pretty cool. How much you make with All in One is all up to you depending on how seriously you promote it yourself.

I am more after the free advertising I get with theDownliner and it is quite fun to check it now and then. Seeing a nice chunk of change like above in your ammo for ads as I like to call it is cool. More ammo you got the more powerful your ads exposure is. Simple. If you are looking for a way to get a whole lot of free traffic visiting your business I highly recommending joining this program. Let’s face it with regular free advertising you are not going to get far on the internet. It takes money to make money. An investment in your future business.

How to Make Money with theDownliner

If you don’t have a business to promote or you are new to internet marketing a few tips will help. Quite simple really to make some money online. Advertise, advertise, advertise a great program that is hot. Now I could give you some programs to promote but that is not the focus of this article. Free programs that are in vogue and pay well are the most desirable. Personally I promote programs like CTFO for example. A good program and a good advertising campaign are the way to go.

Now if you combine two great free programs your costs have just dwindled to 0. Mind you it will take you time to achieve this but it just could be the best investment you will ever make. Once you have reached your goal which is easy and simple to do. Did I mention anyone can use this advertising in minutes. Easy to set up and your ads will be rotating to thousands in minutes from when your business is accepted. Yes you will be reviewed by the board to pass certain restrictions.