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Now you can get Leads for Free with Million leads For Every one with any kind of business needs leads. Leads are hard to find without a lot of targeted advertising. They can also cost a lot of money. Now you can get all the leads you want free. And you don’t have to work that hard to get them.


So how does it work

Get Leads for Free

It’s easy as falling off a log. You just join Million Leads For Free and click on read ads. You only have to read ten ads and your ad will be activated. It is set up to get seen 5000 times just by reading ten ads. My conclusion was a no brainer. I am joining right away.

Million Leads For Free is a very powerful little program that I came across when I joined the Free Income Machine program, which is quite cool by the way. There are some great little tips inside the Free Income Machine and you can take a look Here if you like.

I don’t want to get off the Million Leads For Free subject but if you join the Free Income Machine you will find it inside with some great tips on how to advertise on it. These tips will help you immensely when you post your ads. Nothing like pro tips to get you more sales.

Free Advertising

Get Leads for Free

You can never get too much free advertising and especially on sites that cater to lead gathering. Everyone on Million Leads For Free is promoting a business. If you have offers with tools and tips to help business you will do very very well at this site.

Where else are you going to get such targeted advertising

You might also find some new business ideas yourself when you peruse the ads. They have paid options to advertise for a great price there also. You might want to add this to your advertising arsenal. Let’s face it, more advertising leads to more sales. More sales leads to more money. More money means more advertising and the wheel goes round.

Get Leads for Free

Get Leads for Free


Leads on the Cheap

Get Leads for Free


Tight on Budget ? Not enough leads for your busines? Here’s your chance to get 1 Million Double-Opted In, Daily Verified Leads For F*R*E*E !! Come get it before they close this free offer !


This is a new kind of traffic exchange. It consists of viewing text ads that link to web sites. The viewer chooses which ads to view based on the title line. He clicks to see the ad and gets credit for viewing it. He then uses the credit to post his own ads.


Get Leads for Free

Get Leads for Free


With “Million Leads For Free”, you just have to read 10 advertisements to qualify for your bonus, which consists of the right to post your ad to 5,000 people that day. If you do that for 200 days, you will have exposed your ad to one million people. You can keep on going. There is no limit. All this is totally free.

If you don’t want to take the time to read ads, you can pay $20.00 per month to qualify to post to 5,000 people every day. For a very low investment in advertising, you can post your ad to a lot more people — up to 100,000 per day.


Get Leads for Free


The ads are seen by excellent prospects for the Free Income Machine. They are people who are already trying to make money with internet marketing and are probably not succeeding. Click the banner above to get full information and join free.

Pay-To-Click programs work like ad exchange except that the people who do the clicking get paid money instead of advertising credits. They too are good prospects for our offer.

Tips For Posting Your Ads

Get Leads for Free

Your ads should send prospects to your squeeze page or to our web site. State 1 to 3 benefits in a way that captures attention and gets the point across fast. Sometimes, an added detail can make an ad more interesting and curiosity arousing. But including too much detail can reduce response to the ad. See the “Small Text Ads” page for advertising ideas.

“Million Leads For Free” provides, an HTML composer for writing your ad, but it doesn’t have an automatic way to insert a live link. (One that takes the person to the web site when clicked on.) You have to go into source code view to make your link live. Click the HTML icon in the right end of the header tool bar to get to source code view.


Get Leads for Free


Participants in “Million Leads For Free” are different. Most of them are there to view just 10 pages to qualify for their credit for the day. I expect them to be more inclined to take the time needed to read and seriously consider an attractive offer. So I recommend showing them the full Free Income Machine offer rather then just getting their email address.

What Kind of Ad should I Post

In some ad exchange programs, you get to show only a headline. In others, such as “Million Leads For Free”, you can show several lines of type. Here’s a suggestion for an ad that is more than just a headline:

Earn up to $357 a Day
with 10 minutes of work

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Well there you go

Happy Advertising


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