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I found a really cool new place where you can submit your Business to tens of thousands

of Safelists Text Ads Social Sites Web Sites and Blogs all over the internet. There is over

ten thousand destinations at this writing but it is growing every day.The Downliner - The Ultimate Cooperative

If you have ever gone to the Traffic Exchanges and joined them it

is not cheap. Even when you join them it costs you a lot of money

every month even for just one Traffic Exchange Site.


The Downliner is a no brainer. It puts your link on over 10 thousand sites a month including the

traffic exchanges and it’s only ten dollars a month. If you don’t sign up and use theDowniner

you are an idiot. Sorry to be so blunt but it’s true. You just sign up and post your link and that

is it.

theDownlner even gives you points when you advertise the coop on various locations that are

legal of course. It even has a Banner Exchange.

You just give them your Banner and it goes on

hundreds of different locations all over the internet

and works on a click on click method. Like I said before if you guys don’t join and use this program

called theDownliner you are missing out on a ton of advertising power and it’s the cheapest anywhere

on the internet that has such a reach.


We all know that targeted advertising is the best but hey if you can get this kind of advertising power

for ten bucks a month your nuts not to jump on it. The best thing is you join up, set it up and as they

say in the back rooms,  forget about it!

Another thing I should mention is they have a neat little program inside of the Downliner called the

TDL machine. What this does is get’s you six signups for a program called All in One Profits.


If you have never heard of All in One Profits or AIOP for short, it is quite a popular income program.

It is also a hosting company that gives you internet tools and the like for marketing but they are

quite different from other companies because of this very unique pay plan they have. It is quite

ingenious really and you can see how it works by clicking Here.

The Downliner really is a pretty cool program and it is run by a pretty cool guy named Jay. He is always there for you and if you have a message they have a chat line set up for you to ask any questions. He will get back to you asap if you are in doubt about anything.

I am a little bias because I joined the site and upgraded and within a week I had six referrals and an All in One Profits sign up and I don’t think I did anything to promote it very much. I can’t remember promoting it that much anyway. They have a free referral thing so if you upgrade they give the direct referrals to the upgraded members. You get 3 dollars for every signup that goes pro so that’s not too bad.

This program is cheap. You can buy a whole years membership and get thousands and thousands and thousands of free views for your links. I am not kidding. I don’t know how long that is going to last because more and more advertising sites are joining as I speak. Your Business will be showing on all of them to because it is in the coop.

Well that’s it

Join Here

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