Start a Free Classified Ad Site

Ever want to run your very own classified ad site but found it way to difficult! Now you can start your own free classified ad site that is easy as clicking on a few buttons. Every thing is done for you and you even get a classified ad blaster built right in.

This free classified ad site can also make you a full time income online. There are lot’s of different ways such as selling Banners, which is also done all automatically for you. This is really the best free classified ad site I have ever come across online and it is really easy to run.

Of course like anything there are option to enhance your income and advertising power but you don’t have to pay anything if you don’t want to and you can still get an income generating dynamo. You can also place your own programs strategically across the front page and upgraded members can post free banners across the entire system to 100s of other sites.


1) Click on the Admin Settings link and update the settings of your classified site.


  • Enter the name of your site (example: My Free Classifieds). Enter a description for your site (255 characters max). This is what search engines will see. Enter some keywords for your site. You can use the default ones or you can edit to suit.NOTE: If you don’t want your real name displayed on your adboard click here to change what is displayed.
  • Enter a valid email address under Admin Email Address. This is where inquiries through your contact form will be delivered.
  • Enter a top and bottom email ad. This will be the header and footer of the confirmation email that is sent out to people who post ads through your site. This is one of the places you get to self promote. No HTML is permitted.
  • Enter the top sponsor ads. If you are a free member you get 2 top sponsor ads. Pros will get 4 top sponsor ads. Enter the name of the site you want to promote, enter a short description and the url where people will be directed when they click the ad. You are welcome to sell these spots if you like. You would need to do it manually though and arrange for people to pay you directly.
  • Enter the Homepage Intro Text. You can use 300 – 500 characters. No HTML is permitted. This is a great place to make your adboard unique. Our adboards are search engine friendly so make sure you enter a good description for your adboard making sure to sprinkle in some related keywords throughout your text.
  • For Pro Members only – enter the price for the top and bottom banner ads. This would be the price per 1000 impressions. So if you set it for $1.00 per thousand, someone who buys 10,000 impressions would pay you $10.00 through PayPal or AlertPay.For Pro members only – To use your own banners on your adboard: Click Here to submit your banners and then click on Preview. Enter the required information and click submit. Stop here and don’t pay. Now click on “Pending Banners” and approve the banners you just added.
  • For Pro Members only – Enter Your PayPal or AlertPay Address – make sure you do this right away so that you can receive payment for banner orders.
  • Limit Posts From Same IP Address – Use this feature if someone is spamming your site and placing the same ad over and over or is posting multiple ads under a different email address each time. This feature will limit them to one post per day from their IP address.2) If you want to change the template of your classified site click on the Template Manager link. Be sure to “Refresh” or “Reload” your browser to see the change.3) If you want to change the categories of your classified site click on the Add/Remove Categories link. We don’t recommend this as our Classified Ad Submitter uses these categories to send ads to your site.

    4) If you want to remove any ad posted at your classified site click on the Delete an Ad link.

    5) To send an email to all the users who had posted an ad at your classified site click on the Email Users link.

    6) For PRO Members only – Click on Approved Banners link to check the approved banner stats or to delete any approved banner.

    7) For PRO Members only – Click on Pending Banners link to check the pending banners or to approve/delete any banner.

    NOTE: It’s your responsibility to ensure that you have been paid before approving someone’s banner. Check your PayPal account first to see that the person who submitted the banner did indeed pay you.

    8) For Free Members only – If you want to upgrade to pro membership to take advantage of all the features of My Free Adboard click here.

    9) If you want to Promote My Free Adboard click on Ads & Banners.
    Here you will find the ads and banners that you can use for promoting My Free Adboard.

    10) To check your Earning stats click on Earning Stats.
    Here you can see the detailed stats of your earnings.

    11) To withdraw your earnings click on Withdrawal.

    Happy Promoting from the staff at My Free Adboard.