Read this before you join Read this before you join

Did you know that most people fail with Internet marketing
because they do not track where they get the best results
with their advertising efforts? Read this before you join. Well, today I am going to share a resource with you which
not only gives free unlimited link tracking, but everything
else you need to make it on-line.

Not only do you get unlimited tracking with detailed reports,
you also get unlimited URL Shortening, a monster list builder
that runs on auto-pilot as well as an automated traffic gene-
rator that can’t be stopped once started. Read this before you join

Everything I just described is available in your free account.
And as if it is not enough already, you also get to message
your down-line every 10 days with your promotional messages. Did you hear that correctly. You are going to be building your own email list. Now do you find this exciting? I know I sure do and I joined SoManyHits as soon as I heard the good news.

I can not imagine it will stay free for very long, so lock in
your account as soon as possible. This program comes with so many tools and high end Banners and imagery I can’t believe it’s free. You can actually use all these tools and make money as a free member. How can they do it free you might ask. Read this before you join

What do you know about List Building? Did you know according to a recent eMarketer study, the median email marketing Return On Investment is 122%. That’s four times higher than any other digital marketing channel! The resource I am about to share with you today not only builds a monster list. It also provides you with everything else you need to make it on-line. And it is free!

Did you know that most on-line ventures fail because of a lack
of targeted traffic? This is also the single biggest reason why
people get out of affiliate marketing. If you don’t know how to
get potential buyers to view your offer, you are dead in the water. With SoManyHits you can build the list you need and you can do it easily. Not only that you can be building it while promoting your main businesses!

Apart from getting a monster mailing list, you will also get un-
limited link tracking with detailed analytical data to help you
work smarter when doing any type of on-line (as well as off-line)

As if that is not enough already, your free account will also
unleash an unstoppable tsunami of targeted traffic, you get to
message your down-lines with your promotional messages every 10
days and shorten all your links for use in social media campaigns.

I can not imagine it will stay free for very long, so lock in
your account as soon as possible. Read this before you join

So here is a little info you should read before you sign up. Apart from the traffic, URL tracking and URL shortening, you also have the ability to export the contact details of everybody in your traffic lines into a CVS file to easily import to your auto-responder of choice. The great thing about this for the new member joining is that they will only end up in their sponsor’s mailing list because of the way their referral system works.

This is great as the last thing I want when signing up for a new opportunity is to end up in as many mailing lists as are dependent on the size of the member’s down-line or up-line. For those who don’t yet have an auto-responder account (what are you waiting for?), you still get to message your traffic lines through an internal messaging system complete with a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor every 10 days. (Pro members can message their traffic lines every 60 hours)

Kind Regards
Brent Walker