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Welcome to Advertise Free on the Internet guys. Today I would like to share a couple of SEO Tips. I have been messing around on my Blog and experimenting with different things. One thing that can really mess up your rankings on the search engines is your back linking. Make sure you get this right.

So I have been learning how to Boost your site and advertise free with good SEO. There are a few little tips here and there about internal linking you should know. One thing is don’t link back to your Home Page on your Blog Posts. It’s not good for leads and apparently google doesn’t like it. To get more Leads  you should should only be doing deep back linking. That is linking to the deep posts on your site, not your Home Page.

I wanted to share this because I was linking to my Home Page every time I was writing a Post and this was actually hurting my SEO rankings. Go figure will ya. Getting a top search engine ranking is hard enough these days with so much competition. Being on the front page of google is where we want to be to get more leads.


Seo Tips


Everyone who is writing a Blog these days is using the Yoast Plugin to get a higher ranking on google. When you have thousands of the same niches all using the same SEO program there is only going to be a few winners. That is why you have to learn to do this right or your site will never show up on the front pages. Back Linking is very important. Linking your deep back pages to each other instead of linking to your front pages will help you achieve this.



Article Readability


What exactly is article readability anyways? It’s a few simple things to do when writing an article post. Keep your lines to around 75 letters or spaces, give or take a few. If you can adjust your text size to around 16 to 18. Google picks up on this and likes easy to read text. Use a simple font, nothing fancy. Keep your sentences to around 150 words or less and watch your spelling. This helps you advertise free.

A very important rule is to keep your paragraphs to around 300 words or so and then start a new paragraph subject with a new heading. Google likes short paragraphs and new heading after each one. This makes the green light shine, which is what you want. It means it’s a go and will blast your site up the rankings.


Boost your site and advertise free with good SEO

SEO Tips


One really bad idea  to do is when your writing a Post such as the one your reading is linking it back to your main site page. I was experimenting with different search engine optimization methods and tried linking back to my home page. My SEO rankings dropped like a rock. One day I was flying high the next day I crashed. This makes the google spider all tingly and he will sense your vibrations and sink your site rankings fast.

Experimentation with google rankings is tricky. One little mistake and your site gets tanked. Personally I am going to keep up with my experiments until I reach the top. Advertise free on the was on the top of google for years. The reason I believe was the title. Obviously a good Domain Name is important. More important is the way you place those inner links when you are writing your Blog posts.


Key Words

SEO Tips

Advertise Free on the Internet with SEO Tips


SEO Tips

We always keep hearing about key words. What are they really? Key Words will get you more leads. They tell google the main theme about what your site is all about. You should have one in your main post title and also have some scattered through through articles. 4 or 5 keywords is all it takes for google pick up on your theme. Key words alone are not enough to get good rankings. You must combine them with your linking and your awesome new article writing talents.

These are just a few SEO Tips on how to boost your seo rankings. Practice makes perfect as we have heard before. Keep experimenting with your blog posts. Key Words in your content linking back to your site help your site get a better ranking as  long as they are not linked. Links in your key words only work on other peoples sites. Don’t link your key words. Place them  strategically in your articles. Do not place deep page to page links on them.



When you are writing your articles use the yoast SEO tips but also try different things. When you do something wrong when writing articles and placing links do some experimenting. It’s easy to edit a blog and tweak it. It only takes google a day or two to pick up on the changes and rate you accordingly. Visit Advertise Free on the Internet for more great tips and Post some Free Ads.


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