Review of the Free Income Machine

Hi its Brent here Alias the King of Traffic  and I would like to give you guys my review of the free income machine. First of all I like this program a lot because you can start free and check it out. It is like all the other programs out there of course, if you upgrade you make more money. It is just a given for any program am I correct.


So how do you make money


To make money just  let people know about the Free Income Machine, and money flows to you. They provide the information and tools for using simple, effective ways to reach good prospects. They also provide the tools needed to build an email list, but that is optional. Even with no email list, no social following, and no downline, you can make high income right from the start. They show you how.


It has a high-paying marketing system  ready to send you money is what they claim. Even if you’re a beginner, you can start earning money immediately just by following easy directions that they teach you inside.


Free Income Machine is  brand new with no reviews by users yet so we will have to let it run for awhile and see how it is paying. They claim that all you do is promote a free offer with a special link that you get for free. Easy directions tell how to reach thousands of qualified prospects every day at little or no cost. Selling is done for you without your help, and you receive up to $200 per sale.


Review of the Free Income Machine
Free Income Machine

So I joined up because the Splash page is very attractive and caught my eye right away. You join free like other programs and the you get hit with the OTO. One time offers are always hard to resist and I must admit the Free Income Machines is quite good.


I joined and went into the back office to look around. It does have some very good training and a lot of great tools you can use to promote. I signed up 4 referrals in my first day just using the Video Page. You can check it out here and see what it looks like.


Who owns the Free Income Machine


I am not sure who owns it but the fellow in the video looks quite familiar and I believe he owns quite of few successful internet programs. I believe his name is  Shano DeLeon .  In the Free Income Machine, 4 income programs work together to produce a powerful marketing system. It delivers income to you while letting you choose the amount of time and money you prefer to invest in your business.


I personally think is is a really cool little program. It teaches you a lot about internet marketing. It is super cheap to get in to learn and you can make a lot of money. Some of the programs inside have commissions in the hundreds and even 1000s of dollars. I saw one familiar program like the Free Income Machine and this guy wants over a thousand dollars for it.


If you are looking for a really cool way to make money online I would take a serious look at the Free Income Machine and try it out free. It pays out commissions automatically right into your PayPal which I like. There are a lot of pay processors out there but I like PayPal the best.


If you need to advertise on the internet I still think the Mailers are one of the best ways to go. In my humble opinion if you want to use one get the best. Best mailer in my opinion is the new one by Matthew Graves and it is a Viral List Builder Mailer. This Mailer gets your program in front of thousands. If you get the upgrade you can get some Free Solo Ads thrown it.




Well there you have it folks, I signed up to the Free Income Machine mostly because of the Capture Page. I must say they did a great job with that and I got 4 signups the first day within hours of promoting. When I looked in the back office I found great promotional tools and also some really great tips on how to market. There is some very deep income opportunities I found there also. I will follow up about these at another time because I think they deserve a lot more investigation. In my opinion it’s a go guys.


the King of Traffic