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  • I love the fact the owner (Jay) is so attentive to his members. The posting to social sites is so easy
  • to do a
  • fifth grader could easily do it! The site has a great layout and is very easy to navigate. And the owner is constantly making
  • the site more efficient and great at adding new features quite often. I get lots of views of my sites as well from so many
  • different places! A must add program to your list!

    George Culp

    George Culp

    Upgraded Member

* Based on the Anti-Cheat Cooperative that only deducts views when a user has not visited the page twice in less than 5 minutes.
Applies to all users viewing the cooperative traffic delivery page. Repeat visitors in a 300 second timeframe are not counted as uniques!
** To use the Social Posts feature you simply add your title, description, link and optional image. The system will then post your link to select facebook, google, pinterest and linkedin as well as twitter accounts.
Traffic is determined to be ‘bad’ when it does not uphold a certain level of quality based on private sophisticated statistical tracking algorithms

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I have been working with a website that is
absolutely innovative in their marketing
methods. Its is a very unique type of
cooperative where every member helps
every other member.

We all promote one link and earn credits
for displaying other members offers. Those
credits are then used to display our own

Downliner Builder
Downliner Builder

The traffic comes from everywhere online.
Some of the highest quality websites such
as blogs and forums are delivering ads via
banner clicks. Others, like myself, are sending
out safelist emails.

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