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Welcome to the King of Traffics Free Adverting Site. If you are searching for a site to advertise your business for free to the world you have found it. I highly recommend you bookmark this site and come back often to see what new and exciting free traffic sites have been added. Always on the hunt for the latest and greatest free ad sites. When I find one I think is good enough and deserves to be placed on the site then I add it.

Whether it be banner ads, text ads, solo and safelist ads. You will find them all here and they are all free. It seems like you have various reactions when you are advertising. For example one day you will get lot’s of signups from sending a solo ad. Next day you check your growing list and they are coming from an ad site such as This is a good reason to vary your advertising efforts. One day use the traffic exchanges. Next day use the free solo ads. Next day the classifieds. Get the word out to maximize your list and profit growing efforts.

Making money online is tough but don’t get discouraged because you can do it. And you can do it free through technology. Even if you don’t have a computer you can head off and find a free one to use with internet capability somewhere.

Easy Directions to Post Free Ads

This site is very simple to use. I have set this site up so you just have to click on the rotators. At the top of the page in the menu bar you will see Text saying post free solo ads, classifieds and traffic exchanges. Just click on one of these links and it will take you directly to a free advertising site. Also you can go to the big red button page where you just press on a button and it takes you directly to advertising sites on the rotators. Super easy to use and you can get lot’s of sigups to your lists.

Most if not all of the people who use these sites are internet marketers. There are thousands if not millions of them out there and all of them are looking for ways to make money online. Send your ads to these marketers and they will check out your business and join it if it is a good opportunity. Like I mentioned before you should mix it up when you advertise your ads. One thing that is successful in advertising is diversification. Diversify your advertising and you will get better results.

Making Money Online

Making money online is tough for most people. Every one would like to work from home and get away from the rat race but not all of us can figure out how to do it without a mentor. Well guess what folks I am making a little money online all using free advertising. Of course I have to pay a little money out each month for this website and spend quite a few hours writing blogs and searching for new programs. It is not easy spending hours on the internet searching for the best free ads sites.

All this is a completely free service for you my viewers. I just ask you come back often and check out what’s new and maybe click on some google ad revenue to help keep the site active. Also if you want to advertise your banners here and on thousands of other websites join the free banner exchanges. I like Banners personally. They are a great way to advertise. You just set em up and let em go. If you get enough banners out there and they are interesting you will get lot’s of traffic.

The Club Monster Mode is a great free business you can join and get some very attractive banners. Large and small the Monster has them all. You will get lot’s of clicks using them and you can also make a ton of money when you join Club Monster Mode.

Secrets of making money online when you have no money are quite simple. Find a great free program to promote that pays good and post free ads daily to great advertising sites. Simple really isn’t it.

Hope you join me


the King of Traffic

Post Free Ads with the King of Traffics Free Ad Site