All in one Profits 2018 Fall Update

All in one Profits 2018 Fall Update
All in one Profits 2017 Fall Update
AIOP is becoming a World leader in the Home Business niche of the Internet and should be
taken as a serious contender with GDI, SFI and other top income programs. All in one Profits
is fast on the way to becoming NO1.


We hope this email finds you well and enjoying the Summer time.
The day is longer and this means more time for work and for having fun too.
It has been a while since our last update, but here at AIOP we have a busy
summer time, actively working behind the scenes to have an Autumn season with
a good harvest – full of lots of new and good things in AIOP that will help
grow your business.


As we mentioned before, we decided to give you details about what we are
working on, only when everything is ready to go. That`s because we learned
from our own mistakes.


But we also decided to cover some problems, discuss some issues, qualify
beta testers for our new products, set bonuses, discuss networking and
team building facts, etc., in a Series of newsletters and updates.
As you may know by now, we are always available through multiple channels
to help everyone, and also listen to everyone. So, you can always contact us
and let us know your suggestions and opinions.
The other thing that keeps us very busy, and we want to share this with you,



is that a lot of people are joining AIOP on a daily basis and this is a steadily
growing process that can only make us happy.


It shows that here at AIOP, we are doing the right thing.
And YOU, our AIOP family, you are the Key Factor in all of this!
This is the confirmation that we are fulfilling our vision and mission through
the difference that we make in people`s lives, and we do this in good faith,
bringing you real value for the money you spend.
We have built the infrastructure, we have put the basis, but it is a fact that
you all members have built AIOP, growing stronger in all these years.
This being said, we wish again to warmly welcome our new members, to warmly
welcome back former AIOP members, and last but not least, to Thank You
for being the Best people to work with.
We encourage you to look for our next newsletter/update, you should receive it
in a couple of days, on a hot Summer topic.


But before we forget, it came to our attention that there is a seriously misleading
usage of AIOP, the All In One Profits company name, brand and assets.
It is a serious legal Terms infringement, done in such a misleading manner.
It not only deceives people but also serves and builds the interests of other
two programs which are totally unrelated to AIOP.


Whether you find such false claims in an email ad or a splash page, the answer is
no…AIOP did NOT “marry” anyone or anything. 🙂
Eventually, AIOP makes beneficial partnerships with other owners and with team builds
leaders, but not marriages.
Are you curious? What is it that we are “supposedly” married with?
We shall cover this along with: building, managing, getting our support and competing
as team-builds in one of our next newsletters.

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