Most Responsive Traffic Tips and Tricks

Some of the most responsive traffic you could ever lay your eyes on comes from affiliates and joint venture partners. And that’s why you need to spend some time recruiting these partners onto your team.

Listen, the best affiliates in your niche aren’t scouring Clickbank and JVZoo looking for promotional opportunities. They’re not searching products in Google. They’re not finding your ads for your affiliate program. You know why?

Because the super affiliates are getting hammered with JV requests every single day of the week. They have more opportunities, really GOOD opportunities .

Most Responsive Traffic Tips and Tricks

Most Responsive Traffic Tips and Tricks

And you know what?  A lot of these opportunities crossing their desks come from friends.

Point is, it doesn’t matter if you have the most awesome sauce JV proposal on the planet. If the super affiliate has no idea who you are, your proposal is going to get shuffled to the bottom of the pile.

Here’s the really crappy part…

A lot of the big marketers in your niche have gatekeepers. These are assistants who screen through all the emails and packages they get. If you don’t know the marketer’s personal email address, then your email is going to end up in front of a gatekeeper.

So what you need to do is get your foot in the door. You need to get on your prospective partner’s radar to do an end run around the gatekeeper. You need to develop a relationship so that the marketer gives you a personal email address.

Most Responsive Traffic Tips and Tricks

Here are three ways to get your foot in the door…

Go to Live Events

Here we’re talking about workshops, seminars and expos.

Now here’s the key – don’t run up to a potential partner and start yapping about joint ventures. Everyone else at the event is doing that same thing. You’ll be totally forgettable.

Instead, connect with the marketer on a personal level. Talk about shared hobbies. Talk about your kids. Talk about anything but marketing – and you can bet your prospective partner will remember you. Just be sure to get an email address so you can continue the discussion after the event.

Most Responsive Traffic Tips and Tricks

Engage on Social Media

Does the prospective partner have a Facebook page or other social media account? Then join the discussions. Comment directly on the person’s points. Offer new viewpoints and new ideas. Make the person stop and think several times a week, and you can bet this person will remember you. Then you can send a PM (private message) and continue the conversation out of the public eye.

Get an Introduction

Are you already friends with someone who knows your prospective partner? Then ask for an introduction. It’s the quickest way to get your foot in the door.

Most Responsive Traffic Tips and Tricks

So those are three good ways to make a run around the gatekeeper and engage a potential partner directly.  Just remember that these aren’t end points, but rather the beginnings of building a good working relationship.

It takes a little time, yes – but it’s worth it when you see the massive amounts of responsive traffic flowing into your site.