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Hi Guys it’s Brent here from Advertise Free on the So how would you guys like to know how do you get a million free leads. These leads are targeted leads too, I might add. The program is called a Million Free leads. The best thing about this amazing little gem is it’s free. There are many stars out there in the free advertising universe but I must say this one shines bright.


It’s so simple to use. Visit once a day, read ten ads and your good to go for 5000 targeted leads heading towards your ads. Of course like any advertising it’s totally up to you to make sure that your ads are well written. Keep your ads short and to the point. Make sure the title is original and attractive. This is very important because most ads get clicked on because of the title alone.


Million Free Leads


One can never have too many leads if you are trying to promote online. You want targeted leads also. Leads that are looking for an opportunity to make money online. Got a hot money making program then how does a million leads a year free sound. That is one giant bucket of hot leads heading toward your business.

This is a completely free program to join. There is no clicking on ads all day to earn credits. Every member who joins free and logs in only has to read ten ads. After you read your ten ads you can post your own ad. It will be viewed by 5000 members. That’s a lot of daily free leads.



Million Free Leads



There is close to 5 million members who have joined this site. Yes guys, that is millions. Joining as a free member and only doing 5 minutes of work daily will do it. In one year you will easily attain a million free leads. If you sign up some referrals those leads will go higher.



You cannot go wrong with a Million Leads for Free. I just came across it recently. Judging from all the members it looks like it has been around for awhile. What is really cool about this little leads program is it’s simplicity. It is super easy to use. No hard work or long learning curve is needed to attain great free advertising. Of course like any degree of success it’s up to you with daily dedication to succeed.


Bonus Contacts

Million Free Leads

How do you get a Million Free Leads

How do you get a Million Free Leads



Instruction on posting to 5,000 bonus leads per day:


Other than the 5,000 Bonus Daily leads, your personal referrals and down lines are automatically open to you to post to also. These people that you have referred must be from different IP Address and must have logged in at least 3 days every 7 day period.



The program is very simple to use. You simply log in and click on Read Messages. Read ten messages and your done. Once you have read your ten messages just click on open contacts. Here you will be given the opportunity to post your ad in various ways. A good attractive HTML Ad which is short and to the point is recommended.



Because members only have to click ten ads to post their own ad it is more likely they will read yours. Advertising is all about great titles and alluring offers. If you don’t feel comfortable writing ads they have other options. They have a cool little feature where if someone clicks on your ad they will be taken straight to your website.


Million Free Leads


You can also post solo ads with them. With close to 5 million members that’s a pretty good solo ad exposure. There are some reviews on the front pages about their solo ads. Some members say that their solo ads are there best feature. Million Dollar Leads is offering a Solo Ad deal where you can buy a Solo Ad and get 7 x exposure.

Sometimes it might take a person to see your offer 3 times or more to respond. So we’re offering 3x and 7x Solo Ad to the same group of leads at a HUGE DISCOUNT ! You can choose to have the same copy of the offer, or different copies of the same offer to the same group of leads. You can also decide the time interval between each copy of the ad to send.



How do you get a Million Free Leads

How do you get a Million Free Leads

Million Free Leads


You will be given a bonus of 5,000 open contacts to post to everyday. These 5,000 open contacts are randomly selected from a group of people that has logged into the system within the last 72 hours.
To qualify for the 5,000 bonus contacts, the member can choose either of the following:



Go to your and read 10 advertisements from other members everyday and that’s it. There is only one thing you have to do to earn the right to get 5000 free leads daily. Just read ten ads. I highly recommend you give this free program an email blast to your lists if you have some. The more free members you sign up the more leads will view your own ads. You earn bonuses for free members.






This is one of the best little leads programs I have come across in awhile and it’s free to join. There are a lot of free advertising sites out there. Thousands of them. This little gem is like a ruby on the beach. It is one you should pick up and put in your pocket. A true keeper.

I am always looking for these gems on the beach so be sure to come back often to Advertise Free on the to see what’s new. If you think you have a great program you want me to promote feel free to leave it in the comment box.



Have a great day guys


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