Advertise Free on the Internet with Action Splash Pages

How to make More Money online with Action Splash Pages What is an action splash page? It is simply a Splash Page that calls someone to take an action. Usually the action would be for the viewer to enter their email address to learn more. A great example of an action splash page is the new Matrix Builder.

You can get these action Splash Pages free and it will build your list on mega speed. Check this one out.


Splash Pages

Splash Pages

Make more Money Online with Action Splash Pages

Make your own Splash Pages


Action Splash Pages can be used with a Rotator to gather more leads and get you more free traffic. Why use a Rotator? One reason is you can offer it as a free gift. People like free stuff that will help them with their internet marketing. Rotators are an excellent tool to help you keep organized. You can keep track of your traffic, your clicks, and most importantly your various programs. All too often you will join a program and six months down the road forget all about it.


Keeping your Action Splash Pages on a Rotator makes sense. Especially a great Free one. Check out this Rotator in Action using Splash Pages. If you want to advertise free on the internet  action pages will get you a lot of free traffic. Share your action pages on traffic exchanges and safe-lists. When people view these they take action, hence the term action pages. Click Here to see them working to build your lists.


Passive Income Funnels

Make your own Splash Pages

Passive income funnels are simply cool little niche programs that you tuck neatly inside your action splash pages. One of the best ways to make money online is with passive income call to action splash pages. They work. People like them because they are offering something of value. The value could be your niche or simply something that the reader is seeking. Action  pages will build your email list fast.



How do they build your list. Inside the action splash pages are programs that come with a built in sales system. You don’t have to go out and learn the curves of list building. The programs inside the action pages do all the work for you. Build your lists and make your sales all just by sharing your action pages.


Why are Action Pages so important

Make your own Splash Pages

When you are advertising on the Traffic Exchanges you want those viewers to take action fast. They will only be viewing your ads for a few seconds. Calls to Action act in a subconscious manner. A viewer sees the page and his mind tells him to take action. A great action page could involve movement. Many Banners have movement and it has been proven they get more hit’s.

Therefore it has been concluded that movement attracts more traffic. Also a subliminal call to action message also attracts more traffic. Click Here or Watch This will direct a viewers action. When your mind sees a call to action it automatically takes action. Check out these awesome Free Call to Acton  Pages. 

There are four call to action pages on the rotator so be sure to click on it a few times. Get a free rotator while your doing it. They are great to have to store your stuff. You gather so much stuff when your marketing online and a rotator is a great place to store it. It’s free so get it and gather all your programs together. Keep track and get organized, it will pay off big time in the long run.

About the king of Traffic

Hey guys, so I would just like to take a little time here to tell you about myself. Not to be a bragger but just to invite you along to post a ton of daily free ads on my website. There you will find a massive collection of great free ad sites on the rotator. It makes it easy to advertise. just visit daily, scroll down to the bottom and you will see the picture of the king. This is where the rotator is.

Click on the Action you would like to take beside the king. Whether it’s mailing or posting a text ad just click on the link and your on your way. The sites are all free to post and theirs a ton of them. All high performance free ad sites. I always remove the duds if they do not perform. Be sure to bookmark me and come back often. I am always  adding new sites that are hot to the rotators.New sites usually get you a lot of free traffic. On the bottom of the right sidebar is where you will find the rotator. So happy advertising and I hope you get a lot of free traffic.



Splash Pages

The easiest way to get free traffic and build massive down lines. Forget all the internet courses and brain frying learning seminars. The easiest and simplest way to make money online is to use Acton  Pages. They simply attract the curiosity of people who want to learn more.


They are a fully automated money making dynamo. A mini business if you will. These little mini businesses are great for beginners and pros alike. Inside you will find top income programs. Join one or two, make some money, join some more, it’s that simple.

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