Learn How to Build your own with the 30 minute List Challenge


Welcome to the 30 minute list challenge. This free course will introduce you to list building and show you step by step on how to build a list with the no1 list provider, Traffic Wave.

My name is Brent and I would like to teach all you newcomers to list building how to build a profitable list and make a living online. We all dream of retiring with our own home business but you can’t do it unless you have customers to sell your products and services too. This is where your own list becomes your most valuable selling tool.

This is a completely free course using the top tools and training found anywhere so take a time to forge ahead and invest a little of your spare time to learn the ins and outs of list building.


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We all know that the only way to succeed online is to build your own list and build a relationship with them. This is the way, the only way to succeed online. It can be quite daunting for someone new to the internet to learn how to become an internet marketer so I have decided to teach you how to do it absolutely free with the best online course from Traffic Wave on How to build your own list.

Traffic Wave has the best List Building system on the Internet in my opinion and the simplest one to use. Thousands of members are making a great living online building lists and making money with the Traffic Wave Auto-Responder and now you can to.


Effective list building is really about successfully managing a few pieces for maximum effect.

  1. Create The Offer
  2. Promote The Presentation
  3. Do The Follow up.
In our 30 Day List Building Challenge, it works like this:
  1. Create The Offer: In our case, The Offer is the 30 Minute List Building Challenge. We are showing our prospects how they can get started building their own targeted email list within 30 minutes or less. We created the offer, using the TrafficWave system, with our AutoResponder campaign, our follow up letters, and our capture page.
  2. Promote The Presentation: This is where we drive traffic to our capture page so peple can see the offer. As people see our offer to help them learn how to begin building their list within 30 minutes or less, they are compelled to give us their name and email address so they can get the information (just like you did)
  3. Do The Follow up: Your Autoresponder campaign then automatically follows up with your prospects by sending your letters, just like these letters are being sent to you, now.

Welcome to the 30 Minute List Building Challenge.


There is no secret that email marketing is a strategy being used by top internet marketers, restaurants, entertainers, publishers, and more to build targeted prospect lists, follow up with prospects, generate more customers, and create repeat business.

The good news is that you are about to find out how you can do the same in your own business

My goal here is very simple.

I want to show you exactly how easy it is to get started building your very own targeted email marketing lists.

Within the next few minutes (less than 30 minutes), I am going to show you exactly how to:

Open up a TrafficWave AutoResponder account ( You are going to start absolutely FREE! )
Set up your Follow Up Letters in our system.
Create Your Hosted Capture Page in our system.
Start Driving Traffic To Your Hosted Capture Page by following a few simple steps.

This whole process is going to take less than 30 minutes and will show you EXACTLY why I am so excited about list building.

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