How to Use a Safelist Free for Building List Success

Safelists are simply lists which contain email addresses of individuals who have agreed to receive your advertisement. They are spam free because the owners have given permission for you to send them ads. Getting exposure is important and you can learn how to use a safelist free for building list success. After all the money is in the list is it not. Now if you are not a internet guru and don’t own your own list simply use the safelist’s. After all they are free.

If you do have a list use them to build contacts on your own list’s to promote your businesses. There are a ton of safe lists on the internet and you certainly can’t join them all. Join the ones with fairly large list’s already and ones that are popular. Many people join list’s but hardly ever use them so a good choice would be to join new ones that have just launched. Of course you must certain that the new safe list has potential for future growth.

List Genie Pro Auto Responder


Only Upgraded Members will have access to the Autoresponder System. To access, please click on Auto Responder from the navigation menu on the left to set up your account. It should automatically log you right into your autoresponder account. If it asks you for your Username and Password, please use the same Username/Password you used to create your ListGeniePro Account.

Importaing Your Leads

Monthly and Yearly Silver Members can import up to 500 subscribers per day. Monthly and Yearly Gold Members can import up to 1,000  subscribers per day. There are no limits on the number of organic subscribers that fill out your capture-page to Confirm Opt-In to your list. However, Monthly and Yearly Silver Members are limited to a Maximum of 25,000 Subscribers; Monthly and Yearly Gold Members are limited to a Maximum of 50,000 Subscribers.

If you reach your Maximum Subscribers, we have 2 more larger upgrades available that we can enable to accomodate your needs.

Legitimate, Reputable Lead Sources

We allow you to import your leads from sources such as MyLeadGenSecret, LeadFlow247, Lead-King, and from your existing Autoresponder Subscribers. There are more sources out there that provide legitimate, and reputable leads, and we encourage you to import them to your ListGeniePro Autoresponder System.

Safe Lists are like a Club

Safe lists have also been defined as being like a club where the members are typically Internet marketers. They are people who have websites that they want others to visit, products they want to sell, or affiliate programs they are promoting. Of course they are there to promote their own products but many marketers will use the free option. This means they will be clicking on ads to get free advertising credits. There are basically two types of safe lists. First there is the regular, everyday, run of the mill type where you can send to other members and they can email their offers to you. Whether you choose to look at the email is entirely up to you.

Then there is the Best Safe Lists. These Safe Lists are ones you join and they have other lists that are part of their net working system. What this means is that you can not only email the original safe list you joined but your email will go out to the entire system. Also you can join these lists and get lot’s of free advertising credits as perks. Your ad will be sent to hundreds of email addresses without you having to look at Ads.

So how do you make money

This is the million dollar question. How do I make money with these lists? These lists are Targeted: You reach a targeted audience of other home business folks, affiliate marketers, entrepreneurs and information seekers. What this means is you business will be shown to people who are interested in making money online. Got something great to offer them? Of course if you just have another hum drum everyday program that they see all the time. You won’t do that great.

What you must do is always be on the look out for new and well done programs. Of course if you are a genius internet marketer that makes their own programs you will do well. For the rest of us which is the majority we are not so lucky. Finding a new and exciting program to promote is the key to success. Check here for the latest launches.

Benefits of Safelist Advertising

Cost is ZERO to join most safe lists. You can either surf to earn credits for your own advertising, or you can pay a very small cost for a paid subscription. Paid subscriptions allow you to post more often and to more people. If you can afford it get a paid subscription, cost can be as little as $10 and up.

Once scoffed at as a cheesy time-wasting practice, Safe lists are a legitimate marketing practice and are credible and very popular. Spam laws have limited the number of ways to market a product or service.  Safe list Advertising allows marketers to reach consumers easily and legitimately with their permission. When you join a safe list you can send out emails without the worry of spamming.

Joining Network Safe Lists

There are a few safe list programs that are networked together with others. These are great options mainly for the fact you can reach more people. Look for sites like this to join and your business will be seen by more people with less effort. One secret to marketing is getting your offers in front of the same people over and over again. More exposure you do the more responses you will get. Simple Math.

There are a couple of really good networked email safe lists that are free to join. One of them is the Viral Nugget. This site has numerous mailers all connected with each other. You can get advertising on one of these mailers and the whole network will see it. They have banner and text ad advertising that is very affordable and covers the entire network. Definitely worth checking out.

viral nugget safe list


All in all safe lists are a great way to make money online. You can make it through promoting your own business. Also you can make money promoting the safe list itself and make commissions signing up others. Here is an easy way to promote anything without the worry of spam. Ten stars in my book and you should start using them today. Check out the latest list. Safe-Lists