How to Make Money Online with Affiliate Marketing


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How to Make Money Online with Affiliate Marketing

ONE TIME SPECIAL OFFER FOR TODAY ONLY100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEETHE 6-WEEK SUPER AFFILIATE SYSTEM ($4,985)ACCESS TO THE PRIVATE COMMUNITY ($997)1 YEAR ACCESS TO DATA, ADS, AND PRESELLSAFFILIATE PROGRAM APPROVALUSUALLY $5,000JOIN BEFORE SPECIAL ENDS & GET A FREE WELCOME PACKAGEJOIN NOWWhat isThe Super Affiliate System?The Super Affiliate System is a 6 week program with the sole goal of creating an affiliate marketing business and getting it profitable in as short of time as possible with step-by-step proven methods taught by online marketing experts making at least $100,000 a MONTH in revenue.
Upon purchase you will get immediate access to the entire program which will begin by showing you in a step-by-step format to pick your first product offers without hard costs, setup a presell page, and use super cheap Facebook advertising to get customers.
The program will then focus on how to scale these advertising campaigns as fast as possible and build a full fledged empire.

This is 100% beginner friendly. This program is designed to work for a total novice without any prior experience. Through the 6 week course you will get everything you need to build an online marketing business in successful niches, pick the right offers and get buying customers to those offers. You will be shown how to turn this into an internet empire from the masters of the affiliate marketing world.

Tim Burd is the co-founder and Chief Facebook Ads Specialist at Agency Y. He has been doing paid traffic online for over 10 years now and specializes in financial niches. He has generated millions per month online through his advertising campaigns, and has taught thousands of people to generate their first income online.

Ronnie Sandlin is the CEO & Founder of Temet Nosce. He’s helped thousands of aspiring online marketers learn how to successfully advertise on Facebook, and generate their first $1,000 profit days.

John Crestani has built multiple million+ revenue businesses, and is widely recognized as one of the forefront affiliate marketers in the world. John specializes in doing marketing in the business opportunity, and health supplement niches online. He has influenced millions of people to get their start in building an online business.Week OneAffiliate System SetupThe first week of this course is dedicated ENTIRELY to getting results as fast as possible (ads, presell pages, and affiliate networks), and earning commissions NOW.

  • How to make your first commissions as an affiliate marketer… within 2 hours!
  • How to get approved for your first affiliate networks so that you can start earning commissions immediately
  • How to setup your ads, presell pages, and affiliate links fast, with no prior experience required
  • How to setup facebook ads that convert on broad audiences
  • How to leverage affiliate networks and their representatives so that they work for you, for free

Week TwoHow To Choose Your Niche & OfferThe second week of the course is dedicated to helping you understand the system in its entirety! We’ll be going over how to choose a niche, offers, ad networks, and doing your own research so that you can effectively duplicate everything I have done, or even promote products outside of the bizopp or nutraceutical niches.

  • How to create the right mindset to help you succeed even if you’ve never been successful in any other business endeavor before
  • How to figure out the niche and affiliate offers that will work best for you
  • How to choose an ad network to specialize on
  • How to create competitive advantages for yourself as an online marketer

Sumeet HarishSumeet is a former investment banker

Gregg MartinGregg is still a comedian, he just makes more $ now 🙂

Week ThreeAdvanced Marketing SkillsThe third week of the course focuses entirely on advanced marketing skills that will make you a master of getting people to purchase your product through a blend of research, and copywriting tactics.

  • What copywriting is, and how you can write highly profitable headlines for your advertisements
  • 5 keys to a profitable presell page
  • How to tap Into peoples deepest emotions to hypnotize them to buy
  • My 17-step copywriting method that works everytime
  • Advanced optimization tactics that will allow you to take affiliate campaigns from barely breaking even, to being massively profitable

Week FourFacebook & Google AdvertisingThe fourth week of the course focuses exclusively on leveraging the most powerful tools of influence that we have available at our fingertips to reach BILLIONS of people: Facebook and Google.

  • How to easily create facebook advertising campaigns that generate massive clickthroughs and ROI
  • How to stay compliant with Facebooks complex and ever-changing policies so that you never get an ad account shutdown ever again
  • How to understand all the different metrics in advertising so that you can safely navigate your way to profitibility
  • How to leverage Google’s advertising network to profitably and consistently generate clicks and sales to your presell pages

Week FiveYoutube Ads & Native AdvertisingThe fifth week of the course goes over other secondary ad networks that offer massive potential, and extremely cheap clicks, to those that are willing to venture outside of Facebook and Google.

  • How to setup Youtube ads so that you can get penny clicks, on a massive scale, and earn millions of dollars
  • What native advertising is, and how you can use native advertising networks such as Taboola, Outbrain, and MGID to fuel your affiliate marketing business to 10s of thousands of dollars per day in revenue
  • How to use a clicktracker to do even more advanced optimization on your advertising campaigns.
  • The secret to profitable video ads on Facebook
  • How to structure your advertising campaigns effectively

Week SixScaling and AutomationThe sixth week of the course covers advanced marketing tactics, how to hire/manage media buyers, and goes over numerous case studies of monster affiliate campaigns that make hundreds of thousands of dollars.

  • How to use survey funnels to supercharge your facebook conversion rates
  • The $240k solar campaign case study
  • How to scale affiliate campaigns from $1000/day profit, to $20,000++ per day profit
  • How to hire and manage media buyers, and build an organization around your affiliate marketing campaigns

Super Affiliate{Ready2Launch} Affiliate CampaignsEvery top-selling super affiliate has access to special resources that give them an unfair competitive advantage over everyone else. Once you join the Super Affiliate System, our goal is for you to not have to spend a DIME finding proven affiliate campaigns that work. Because of this we have created a top of line resources for you that sell in the open market for $1000+Resource #1Buyers Data for TargetingBuyers data that make targeting your ads zero-guesswork. Copy and paste the buyers lists into majors traffic sources such as Facebook, Google, and Youtube. Targeting is the beginning of every affiliate campaign, and the #1 element that you do not want to leave to guesswork. Use our proven buyers lists to fasttrack your ability to launch campaigns to audience that will be profitable from the get-go. The is easily worth the entire price of admission into the mentorship.Resource #2Ad Swipe FileGet access to proven ad swipes that you can drag and drop onto the advertising network. Stop guessing about what ads work and dont. The best affiliate marketers never actually create any of their own ads, they just copy whats already working.Resource #3Presell PagesDon’t mess around with any programming, and simply use our readymade presell pages to market people into any bizopp, nutraceutical, or leadgen offer that you would like to promote. By far the most complicated part of affiliate marketing, we have taken care of all the difficult work for you, so all you have to focus on is launching ad campaigns, and making profits.Resource #4Affiliate Network EntryStop worrying about getting accepted into top-tier affiliate programs with offers that pay high commissions. By joining the Super Affiliate System, you will automatically get access to the most exclusive affiliate networks on the planet with the most aggressive, high commission, high payout, and high-converting offers that will make you rich….and finallyLive Campaign Analysis Sessions Every Week

  • Access to live webinars every month taught by John Crestani 
  • The opportunity to have John review your marketing materials and copywriting, so you have the best chance at success
  • Access to the ENTIRE JetsetLIVE archive of Live webinars (this is invaluable…)
  • The most CURRENT and up-to-date powerful advice in promoting

 GET ACCESS TODAY! The Media Is Starting to Take NoticeEven media outlets worldwide are starting to take notice of the massive success that John Crestani and his students have been creating for themselves. John has been featured in numerous media outlets all over the world because of the massive results that him and his students have been creating for themselves, without having to work a traditional 9-to-5 job.


“28-year-old John Crestani, a marketing mogul whose online network of services now generates upwards of $500K per month.”

Affiliate Summit

“Outside of the internet, Crestani is known for being self-motivated as well as wanting to motivate others.”

Business Insider

“Crestani used his own hustle and Ferriss’ tips to build an affiliate marketing network that currently generates $250,000 to $500,000 per month, enables him to travel the world, and scales on-demand.”

Yahoo Finance

“As for the secrets to his success, Mr. Crestani said it boils down to a classic mix of drive, talent and a non-stop work ethic.”


“Crestani had shown he was a pro at online marketing. He knew he wanted to travel the world. And he desired independence from the traditional shackles of corporate life.”


“Just because there has been a small setback, it doesn’t mean you should give up, it means you are that much closer to your desired success.”

Real PeopleReal ResultsWe have thousands of students from countries all over the world, all ages, and all walks of life seeing real results with this system. The students featured below are just ordinary people like you and I, that are seeing groundbreaking transformations in their income. First Commissions in Two Hours!

Andrew was able to quit his job!

Ahsan now makes over $8,000 PER MONTH in Bangladesh!

“What Im living now is freedom”

Georgina is creating multiple streams of income from marketing

“The most comprehensive system Ive seen”

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Here is what its all about:Super Affiliate System is a step-by-step training system that does not require any paid advertising, and expensive softwares, and can be done without even having a website. 

We Stand Behind Our Product UnconditionallyIf you do this program, you WILL learn how to create your very own internet business.

If you go through my step-by-step program, complete the exercises, and DO NOT create your own internet marketing business, then my staff will give you an immediate refund AND let you keep the course materials as my way of apologizing for wasting your time.MEMBERS AREAI can’t wait to see my earnings build up before my very eyes.

I want to start training with you today because I know that a clear path to quitting my job, and creating my own business on the internet is the most important step towards Living Life On My Own Terms.
On that basis, I’m taking a positive step towards creating FREEDOM in my financial future with my investment today to gain access to the Super Affiliate System by John Crestani. Thank you for making you’re knowledge of internet marketing available to the world as such a reduced price for me today!
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