How to Advertise Free on the Internet with theDownliner Coop

Now if you have a business you need to advertise. Free Advertising can work on the internet but it can take you a long time to build up those safe-list points. In this article I am going to explain a little about the great advertising coops there are. Most of these Coops charge an arm and a leg and frankly don’t work worth a hoot. There is one that in my opinion works quite well and I will show you how to advertise free on the internet with theDownliner Coop.

I have been an upgraded member in theDownliner for quite awhile now so I can give you a hands on review. You might be asking the question how does one get free advertising if you have to get the upgrade? Now this is where it get’s interesting. So when I first joined about two years ago I went all in and bought a years membership of the serious marketer. It’s a one time payment and I thing the cost at that time was around 217 dollars or so. Guess what? They added on over 100% bonus points for getting the one year package. That is one heck of a lot of free advertising.

At the present time I now just have the Go Getter upgrade and I pay around ten dollars a month for it. This is now a free bonus because the members that signed up under me are paying me commissions each month. Commissions are great by the way and they throw in tons of extra advertising credits to you also. Signing up new members under you can be very lucrative with theDownliner Coop. Cash in your earning each month right into your PayPal account or use them to buy more Credits.

theDownliner Credits

Free credits is what we are seeking with theDownliner Coop and believe me they can be huge. I checked my acccount just yesterday and there was 129000 credits for free advertising. I was floored. The next day I went back to see how to utilize them and they added another 10000 credits. Don’t ask me why I got so many credits. All I know is I got one heck of a lot of free advertising to promote my Promotions and Business on the Internet. Credits are also set by you on the amount you want to use daily.

There is a meter you can adjust to raise or lower the amount you want to use daily. Unlimited is the ultimate and the low is 100. Personally I like to place the advertising credit meter in the middle but that is your own choice and depends on how many crazy credits they pass out to you. One reason they might be handing me out these huge free credits could be my downline. That’s right, if you build a down line you can get a ton of free credits. Pulling your leg or leading you on to get your signup is not my intention. I am giving you my experience with theDownliner.

Free Advertising verses Paid

Now being the King of Traffic and running Advertise Free on the Internet my thing is free traffic for marketers. Promoting the top free advertising sites which don’t cost you anything and have ton’s of perks is what I look for. For example there is this advertising monster marketer who is building an advertising empire. And I might add he is doing one bang up job. Just check out some of his safe-lists. You can get 100s of free solo ads, banner ads and text ads just for signing up. Also if you enter a promo code newmember Dave Mosher will double your advertising credits.

Now this is a great deal and you can grab these free safe-lists right here. He is building more of these great sites daily so make sure to check this guy out. theDownliner is a completely different animal. To succeed with this Cooperative you are going to have to invest a little money. There is no other advertising platform on the internet in my humble opinion that is going to give you a better bang for your buck. Once you get rolling with this system you will be getting a ton of free advertising.

Where does theDownliner Advertise

I just went to theDowliner to do some research and see if I could find out where they advertise. There is a button where you can automatically add your credits evenly to all your sites. So I hit the button and check this out

208,208 Co-Op Views Remaining! I just copied and pasted that from there site. Now that is one ton of free advertising credits. Also I just made a commission and that is in my earnings box. With all those credits I could just keep building more commissions and cash them in at any point instantly. Anyways I lost track about this section because I got so excited about the all the credits so let’s get back on track.

Social Sites, Traffic Exchanges Banner Ads and Targeted advertising are some of the areas you can advertise. One great thing is you can set and forget about your campaigns. Set them up and go on to other things. One thing about the safe-lists is they are great but they take work. Lot’s of work. theDownliner is a money making power house. From my experience anyways and I am no internet genius for sure. This is one of the only programs I have ever joined that I am actually getting some results with. So yes it was well worth the investment from my experience and I certainly have nothing but good to say about this system. A great Network of advertising power for pennies and even free once you get rolling.

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Add theDownliner to your Blog

One this I really like about this amazing Coop is the cool little Network symbol you can easily apply to your Blog if you have one. You can even apply it to your social sites to gain peoples curiosity. Marketers see it and they want to learn more.

Show your support for TDL by adding the partner logo to your website or blog. It’s a sign of quality traffic and looks great on any site. In addition to showing your support you can also have the partner logo link to your TDL link and earn referrals and commissions.

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Reviews of theDownliner Coop

Okay if you are still with me and reading this article then you are a serious marketer. Making money online is the goal of all of us. But, and this is a big but. Do not take just my word for it. I am giving you my personal, honest review and how I am making some great money. Words cannot express my admiration for the creator of this great system. Author of this Site is Jay Carey and here is the latest Rank and other stats from google. Date of this reading is May 21, 2021. As you can see below this site is no slouch. stats and valuation

Basic Information

Alexa Rank45307
Page Authority0/100
Domain Authority0/100
Moz Rank0/10
Pageviews24.28K/ Day

theDownliner Site

First thing you are going to love about the Coop is when you sign in. There is a wheel you can spin and win free advertising credits. Two days ago I signed in as I do every day and spun the wheel. 500 free credits. What a great win! Next day I signed in again and won another 500 credits. This is one great reason for signing in each and every day to theDowliner Coop. Winning a bunch of free credits is always a great way to start the day. From there you can move on to the Dashboard and check out your campaigns and credits left by clicking on the campaign button. Very simple and easy to use. Every thing is so simple anybody can easily use this system to make money and promote their business.

When you enter your campaign urls into the advertising menu it is also simple and easy to use. Once you have entered your campaign there is a test button to make sure it work on the rotator. Once it is working you just hit submit. Every submission is checked before you are allowed to ad credits. I really like this method because only quality submissions are allowed. Any kind of site that is not appropriate for viewing will not pass and you will be rejected. Very good feature for keeping the viewing quality on a high level. Speaking of viewing when you are displaying your ads you also get signups to theDownliner. The rotator displays your Coop information above the ad and if people like what they see they sign up. When they do you earn a ton of free credits and commissions if they upgrade.

I could go on and on about theDownliner. How to sign up, how to use it and how to navigate it’s inner workings. Instead of me trying to explain all the minor details it is a lot easier for you just to signup free and join the Chat Room. There are always people on there chatting and you get 150 free credits for joining. Make some new pals and learn everything you need to help you succeed with the Coop. Best way to find out any information worth knowing is chatting with members.

Hope this review was worth reading. It is my own honest experience with theDownliner. Being the King of Traffic i highly recommend this Coop if you want a ton of great advertising on the internet. Yes and even free advertising can you had with this system.

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