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Welcome To Your Members Area


Lets get down to Business. We’re going to keep this program as simple as possible.

No cluttered up members area with thousands of links, No promise of overnight riches

and hundreds of bonuses. All we are interested in is helping you to… Grow Your List And Income


1st: Sadly Paypal are slowly removing themselves from Affiliate Marketing, so we use

Payza only. In order for us to Make Sure You Get Paid. Be sure you add YOUR Payza

Email on your profile page in the left hand Manu. Unlike Paypal, Payza has to be Paid

Manually. So when someone joins under you and pays the $10 Payza Fee.


I will then send it to you ASAP. (Please make Sure You Have provided your Payza Email on

YOUR profile Page.

2nd: Familiarized yourself with the Menu to the left.

3rd: The only way you’re going to Grow Your List And Income and get those $10 Payza

Commissions is by promoting your links using the material within the Promotional Centre.

Please remember, there is NO guarantee that visitors to your Affiliate links will join

Grow Your List And Income under you, Just keep plugging away and the rewards will come!


4th: We have what we call a Programs Page, it’s a combination of Admins Chosen Programs

and up to 15 programs of YOUR Programs that will be seen by YOU and YOUR Downline.

Hopefully helping you to further Grow Your List And Income. Join these programs if you

wish or, if you’re a member of Admins programs already, Just add your Username or ID’s

there’s no need to rejoin them.



5th: You have the ability to mail your Downline every 3 days. This mailer must be used

responsibly or you will risk losing your account.

Please Note Very Important: When Paypal was our main pay processor you where paid

directly Member to Member (You sent the $10 fee direct to you sponsor) Admin are NOT

responsible if you did not receive that payment from YOUR Downline.





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