Get thousands of ad impressions every day for FREE

You have heard of Ad sense advertising I am sure. Facebook and Twitter are another popular advertising platform. All these advertising platforms are going to cost you an arm and a leg. There is another way to get thousands of ad impressions every day for free. Yes free. The site is called Adzly.

Adzly is simply a text ad site much like Ad sense but it is free! Quite amazing really how they did it. You simply get a widget and put it on your site is a small block on the front page. Much smaller than most ads but quite distinctive. Visitors will notice and respond to ads placed with Adzly. With Adzly you can get so much free advertising that you might not even be able to keep up with it.

Get thousands of ad impressions every day for FREE

On the surface, adzly appears to be a simple ad widget like many others you will find on the internet. All these widgets promise you loads of free traffic but most don’t deliver. Adzly is different! This site is a virtual marketing machine. Behind that cool exterior is a powerful viral marketing machine unlike anything you have seen or used. With adzly, you can create your own ads and have them displayed on potentially thousands of other websites completely for FREE!

This site is really a no brainer for free advertising. Place a little code into a widget or html block and your good to go. Every time you get a visitor you earn advertising that is free. Your widgets have generated 12 credits today and 18,058 credits in total. I just check out the stats on the Adzly site and check this out. Over 18,000 free credits I made which means my ads were shown that many time of various Web Sites around the Web. Cool or what and all for free.

Imagine being able to tap into an rapidly increasing network of people just like you.Connecting with people from all over the world that share similar interests and goals to yourself. Creating valuable contacts with internet marketers worldwide. Well, you don’t need to imagine, because with trafficera you can actually experience all of this and way more!

Adzly is unlike any other Free Traffic Source

I really don’t want you to take my word for it. What I want is for you to see it for yourself. I simply can’t do this program enough justice in
this post,please just go take a look. You will see for yourself how this program will drive traffic to your ads all for free. Quite amazing really and it sure beats paying hundreds for the other guys ads. Tired of getting ripped off and getting nowhere. Try Adzly, you will not regret it.

One thing you cannot get enough of when your trying to build a home business online is advertising. In this day and age of the you know what going around more and more people are opting to work from home. Maybe you have the option of working for a great company that will pay you well for working from home. A lot of us don’t and are depending on striking out with a new home business to conquer the internet. Sorry but you won’t get anywhere without developing an advertising regime. Once you do stick with it. Like Tony Robbins says, Take Action.

Just my Opinion

It’s not easy to make a buck or two on the internet. Believe me you have to have a plan. My success is hard work and finding the right advertising without spending a lot of money. Blogging is the way to go when it comes to getting free traffic. If you have no internet savvy then it will be tough for you unless you have a lot of dough. You can hire writers and editors and Web designers to build your business for you on the internet. Dish out the dough and let them do the work for you. Including the advertising part.

Well in my case and probably yours too because your looking for free advertising we don’t have a lot of that fiat crap to spend. So what do we do? Learn how to do this internet stuff yourself. After all knowledge is power. Take a course on WordPress. Blogs are quite easy to do and very cheap. You can buy a Domain name for a few bucks a month. Get yourself a WordPress hosing plan. All you need is basic to get you going. Once you have it all set up you are in the drivers seat. Build your business online with a blog. Get your Adzly widget and start writing posts. is a great place to go and take a WordPress course.