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Free Unlimited Traffic while Tracking your Urls

Hey guys it’s Brent here from Advertise Free on the Internet. As you know I am always on the look out for the best and latest advertising sites. Now you can get free unlimited traffic while tracking your urls. This is pretty powerful advertising coming from a new site called Click on the link to check this site out. Amazing advertising power to say the least.

I have been using it just for a few days and the more I dig under the hood the more goodies I am finding. It likes like this baby could have a turbo built in there somewhere’s. This program is quite amazing when it comes to promoting. You are going to be quite impressed with the social graphics you can implement in your campaigns. For example just check out this really cool Brain Teasers they use to build your business. Just one of the amazing features you can use to build your list. Yes that’s right, you can build a list. Let’s talk a little about that.

Free Unlimited Traffic while Tracking your Urls

Not only will you be getting your traffic tracked and free unlimited traffic while tracking your urls you can also build your own list. You don’t even need an autoresponder! No autoresponder means you don’t have to dish out cash every month for a mailer. This mailer inside the back office of is also very cool. It’s got the latest and greatest tools built into it. The mailer is very high tech and although I am still checking this program out it is very impressive. Being a cheap skate the fact you can use this mailer free is quite enticing and I can hardly wait to use it.

This article I quess is turning into a review from me so I may as well talk a little more why I like it. Graphics, graphics, graphics. I love graphics and when you come across such a great array of various splash pages and banners that are so well done it’s easy to fall in love. Graphics really help internet marketers to earn more online. When you have an awesome banner for example you get way more clicks to your business. Typical attraction is always inspiring would be buyers interested in your niche to click on them. Check out these cool banners.

Free Unlimited Traffic while Tracking your Urls

Well the banner examples above are just a tip on the old iceberg of what you will find inside SoManyHits. Hate to repeat myself but they are quite amazing. These will really help you to start getting that free unlimited traffic they keep bragging about. It seems to be working because their alexa ratings are soaring. Not only do you get unlimited tracking with detailed reports.

You also get unlimited URL Shortening, a monster list builder
that runs on auto-pilot. Also an automated traffic generator that can’t be stopped once started. Now I am certainly not an internet programming expert to say the least. When they make these claims they must know what their talking about. Apparently it starts when people sign up underneath you and your links start appearing on their ads, etc. This kinda of makes sense to me and I suppose as your list grows so will your traffic. Anyways I am not smart enough to figure all that tech stuff out I just go on the feel. Much like jumping into a new car and taking it for a spin. Go on your instincts.

Review of SoManyHits

Well I hoped you enjoyed this short little review of SoManyHits. Like I said above this program is really cool. I like it a lot and if promoted you could easily make some money. There are easy ways to get paid and it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to get your own home business. I upgraded for 60 days and am going to promote it and see how people like it. Mainly I joined because I liked their tracking campaign. When you start one you just shorten your business url and put a keyword on the end. This is powerful because it tells you how many and who are looking at your ads.

Now if you ever dished out a lot of dough on advertising it sure would be nice to know who is coming around to have a look. It’s not just the clicks to your business it is also what kind of visitor which is important. will tell you all that while getting you traffic and building your list. And you can get all this free. Check this one out guys and you can thank me later for sending you their way.