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Free Traffic Super Pack
6 Practical and Proven Ways to
Drive Traffic to Your New Online Store


Getting traffic to your new store by targeting buyers  and getting noticed. We offer actionable tactics and provide six templates you can copy and paste to use for your campaigns. And at the end we share the most important things you should do as an established business to keep the momentum going.

Instagram is quickly becoming one of the most effective marketing channels for eCommerce merchants. A recent study found that Instagram gives brands 25% more engagement than any other social platform and our own analysis found that it generates a higher average order value than Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.


Bloggers and press Releases

will get you seen

Free Traffic Super Pack

There are other people you can reach out to.  Bloggers,  and press. The size of their audience varies, but some of them have large followings. The process of reaching out to them is quite similar to reaching out to Instagram followers. The best way to find bloggers is simply by looking for them on Google

Another tried and true method for getting traffic is landing your business in the press. Now you might not get covered from very big newspapers and sites. But you have a better chance of getting press from local news sites and community papers. You have a good chance of being featured if you can tell a unique story, if you can talk about your product in interesting ways, and if you write a good pitch.


Free Traffic Super Pack

When reaching out to the press, a concise pitch is nearly always better than the long pitch because reporters see lots of pitches. If you’d like to get press attention, write a short and compelling email. Tell them about what makes you different, and try to pitch yourself as a local success story.

Just as it would be with an Instagram personality, getting coverage from a popular blog, from a vlogger, or from the press can drive a lot of sales to your store. Reach out to them just as you would to an Instagram personality to send them a sample and a short note.

What can you write to a blogger or a vlogger? We’ve put together this template to get you started. You don’t have to target the biggest and most successful people. Your chances of getting featured are better for people with smaller audiences, because they’re not constantly swarmed by people who are looking for a feature. In fact, Chris Dammacco, who sells retro video games, has made a conscious decision to target You Tube vloggers with smaller audiences. Keep in mind that the loyalty of the audience matters almost as much as its size.


Post your store to reddit

The whole internet hangs out on reddit. In addition to its main page, which aggregates the most popular content, it also has thousands of niches called sub reddits. You can find a sub reddit on nearly any subject. There are a few threads that you should be paying attention to that may help your business.

First, everybody should be browsing the sub reddit. With about 79,000 subscribers, it has lots of interesting tips and discussions on starting a business. You might also be interested in the related  threads as another source of general business advice.

Free Traffic Super Pack

Take a look also at related sub reddits.  As we said, there are a lot of niche subreddits out there. Make your posts very brief, displaying only the essence of what your new store is about. One example of a headline that you might use could be something like.

Make it snappy, catchy, and not very sales-y. You should also check out the Reddiquette guide to check out whether you’re following Reddit guidelines. Pay attention also to the rules of your subreddit. They’re always found in the sidebar to the right of the subreddit. Some subreddits don’t allow promotional material – so posting what’s basically an ad for your store is not allowed. If you post about your site to a place that doesn’t want it, either you’ll find that no one’s upvoting your link, or in extreme cases you may even get banned from the subreddit. Read the rules.


Free Traffic Super Pack

Free Traffic Super Pack

Free Traffic Super Pack

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