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Here are some great free videos on how to generate free traffic on the internet. Some methods might be obsolete as technology advances by the minute. Pick out a video you might be interested in or watch them all. Free traffic on the internet is something every internet marketer should learn when aspiring to make money online.

These are some great videos showing you how to get traffic to your sites and links. Simple and effective methods that will generate traffic short term and long term. Each video opens in a new window. Use these ways to get visitors to your link or your other sites and projects. Remember, by promoting your profile site you can get traffic to your top 10 affiliate links. Please note, these are part of the Traffic Generation Explosion video series and were not created by Phil @
To view each video, simply click on the corresponding video link.IntroductionMethod #1: Article Marketing

Method #2: Social Bookmarking

Method #3: Yahoo Answer’s Targeted Traffic

Method #4: Thoughtful Blog Commenting

Method #5: The Power of Blogs

Method #6: Using Squidoo For Traffic

Method #7: Using Hubpages For Traffic

Method #8: Propelling Forward With Propeller

Method #9: Using Keyword Research

Method #10: Press Release Distribution

Method #11: US Free Ads

Method #12: The Power of Craigslist

Method #13: Content Remains King

Method #14: Working With Youtube

Method #15: Fun With Facebook

Method #16: Creating A Presence In Forums

Method #17: Creating Your Own Affiliate Program

Method #18: Fun With Twitter

Method #19: Creating Your Own “Bait”

Method #20: Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC)

Method #21: Using Ebay For Traffic

Method #22: Search Engine Optimization

Method #23: Encouraging Bookmarking On Your Site

Method #24: Stumbling Upon Your Site

Method #25: The Power Of RSS Feeds

Method #26: Directory Submissions

Method #27: Buying Adspace

Method #28: Working With Bit Torrents

Method #29: Networking With Others In Your Niche

Method #30: Participating In A Link Exchange Program

Method #31: Ezine Advertisement

Method #32: Offline Advertising In Newspapers & Magazines

Method #33: Do You Digg?

Method #34: Filling Gaps With a Custom 404 Page

Method #35: Be Bold And Daring

Method #36: Purchasing Leads/Renting a List

Method #37: Getting Traffic From Amazon

Method #38: Expired And Related Domain Names

Method #39: Unleashing The Power Of Resell Rights

Method #40: Buying Text Links

Method #41: Offering Incentives For Links

Method #42: Joint Ventures In Your Field

Method #43: Don’t Let Your Site Get Stale

Method #44: Creating A Community With A Forum

Method #45: Encouraging Interaction With Your Visitors

Method #46: Reach For Testimonials

Method #47: Find Out What People Want To Hear

Method #48: The Power Of The Tell A Friend Form

Method #49: Outsourcing Your Traffic Generation

Method #50: Expanding On What WorksConclusion

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