Free Classified Ads

Free Classified Ads
Free Classified Ads – Advertise your Products for FREE

One of the best ways to sell your products online and promote your Affiliate programs

is to us Free Classified Ads.

Free Classified Ads work period.


Thousands of people visit Free Classified Ads every day. Now you can post free

classified ads at – Free Classified Ads

for absolutely free and have them posted on the front page in the featured

ad section and get exposure to thousands of readers Daily!


A brand new

Free Classified Ads site that is easy to use and HTML friendly to

shoot your ads up the search engine rankings. Buying and selling

is easy with OBO Free Classified Ads. Just place your ads and

set your price.


You can set up an automatic renew or have your ads automatically

posted with the Click of a Button.


Become an Affiliate and make money online with your very own Free Classified Ads Site



When are old ads deleted from my account area?
60 days after the ad expires


How can I change the color of my featured ad?
After the ad has been upgraded to featured, you can change the listing color on the

modify/edit ad page, you can access this page by clicking on the ad’s title from

the main members area page.


Making an Offer

By making an offer you are making a committment to buy an item should the seller

accept your offer. DO NOT make any offers unless you are prepared to complete the transaction.


Can ads include HTML?
Gold members can use the following HTML tags in their ads, all other tags will be automatically removed
<strong> <em> <b> <i> <ul> <ol> <li> <hr>

Do you have an Affiliate program?
Yes we do, just Join as a regular member to get started

Do I need a credit card to join?
No you don’t, you can Join and use our services for Free – What’s Your Best Offer?

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