Cloak Your Links and Track your Traffic

One very important thing you should do when you become an affiliate marketer is cloak your links. Don’t let people steal your sales cloak your links and track your traffic to stay on top of your marketing. Not only will you add protection to your campaigns you will also look more professional with a link cloaker and shortener.

Long affiliate links with your name or ids attached can be quite unappealing to look at. While a short professionally cloaked link can be quite attractive. Now you can get an easy, free link cloaker from

Benefits of a Link Cloaker

Sick of having UGLY affiliate links that get
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So why should you join and go to the trouble of cloaking your links. A few of the rewards you will get could be.

Benefits of a Link Cloaker.

These are some of the cool site features:

*Free Membership
*Link Tracking Statistics
*Protect Your Commissions
*Earn Cash from Referrals
*Virally Build Your Downlines
*Promote 3 Favorite Money Makers!

Why Join Cloaked Links

First of all is a free membership. It costs nothing to join and you can cloak all your campaigns. As well as having a more professional looking link to your business it will also track your progress when campaigning. This will help you tremendously knowing how well your ad is doing.

Every Internet marketer knows that having your own name makes your ads look more professional. Nobody likes clicking on long drawn out affiliate links that look unappealing. People just won’t click on a long drawn out boring looking link. You should be using a professional link cloaker. You can also make money with through various ways such as selling advertising.

Url Rotator to Organize your Links

This program also comes with a rotator which allows you to rotate up to 1000 of your links. Cloak all your links and place them in the rotator. Using rotators is a great way to keep track of all your affiliate programs and links. Sometimes when you join and promote programs you just simply forget about them. After all over the years you probably joined so many sites you forgot about half of them.

Using a rotator can really organize your online business and marketing. For example you might have joined a safelist or traffic exchange and upgraded or build up advertising credits. You might have lost the link somewhere along the way for some reason. A rotator will save these links for you. What I like to do is put all my favorite advertising programs on a rotator and all on one link. Then you just click on the link and all your favorite advertising programs pop up. This makes your advertising efforts so much easier to keep on top of.

Join me at today and organize your online marketing effort for higher sales and a more professional look.