Build a List and Make Money doing it

Hey it’s Bent here from Advertise Free on the with a really cool new program
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This is a great little program and comes with a cool splash page that captures leads for you





This Capture Page is an autoresponder and when people put in their email information they go

on your list. That’s right you are building a list and you can mail them every 3 days and it is

a free autoresponder.


Autoresponders cost a lot of money when you sign up and have to start paying monthly. They

don’t even work that great because it takes months to build up a list. This Autoresponder capture

page is really cool because people signing up can make 10 Bucks every time someone upgrades

under them. You will also be able to advertise your favorite programs and sell Banner advertising

when your get your own Grow your List and Income free business.




The following are short Text Ads that you can copy and paste into your web site and/or send out to safelists or your mailing lists to promote Grow Your List And Income. Personal recommendations always work well in marketing.You can even write a personal testimonial after you have used our services to gain a better response from your promotions.

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Subject: Simple Programs Are Often The Best

It’s true you know!

Often the simplest of programs make the most money.


Because anyone can work them no matter what age you

are or background your come from.
So take a look at our Simple little program that puts cash
in your pocket while building a list that you can mail any
time you wish.

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Subject: Grow YOUR List And Income

The two most important tasks you need to do when Working a business Online is…

1: Making money
2: Build a List

The first, Making Money needs no explanation, the second is Online Markers need a List of people to promote further offers to.

Our program combines the two.

So if you wish to Make more money while building your list

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Subject: The Easiest Money You Will EVER Make.

Get Paid $10 Instantly
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One time fee of just $10

No Hidden Costs

No Admin Fees


A Downline Builder where you can add
15 of your own programs making you
even more income!

So don’t hesitate, start making money
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