Best Free Advertising Platform Online Today LeadsLeap

Hey guys it’s Brent here from Advertise Free on the Internet. I have looked and tried the best free advertising programs online and I have found the best. The best free advertising platform online today is LeadsLeap. Also it can make you a ton of money in affiliate cash. Not only affiliate cash you can also make money with the ppc program. No other program anywhere has the tools you get inside the back office of Leadsleap. And I might add you can get all the power of using it free.

Of course as a free member you will have to do a bit of clicking and upgrading does cost quite a bit of money. Right now it is going for 27 US a month. Ouch! Let’s face the facts though. To get anywhere in the internet world and actually make some money you need to advertise. No free lunch as they say. There is a book full of advertising sites out there and you could drop a small fortune by joining them and get 0 results. You will get results with Leadsleap. I know this because I am an upgraded member there and do get results.

27 dollars month is a little dear unless your credit card balance is huge. For me it’s not but you gotta spend money to make money. An old analogy that’s been around for a long time. But it is true and if you want to get anywhere you are going to have to dish out some dough. May as well give it to the right program that will get you some results.

Make your Affiliate Fees Back

Upgraded members get automated affiliates put under them weekly at Leadsleap. This is a great way to make affiliate commissions that add up fast. This could go a long way paying your advertising costs. If you happen to have a great web site that is producing traffic you can also easily put the ppc code right on your site. Any clicks will make you cash that adds up fast. Did I mention too that when you upgrade your advertising power goes into power mode and your business get’s seen much more often. After all is it really worth clicking for hours just to get a few hits to your business.

Affiliates at Leadleap are also proven buyers. Most members that use it daily are upgraded members. These are members who are serious about internet marketing. If you happen to be promoting the best new thing to come along in years these members will be joining you. After all we are here to make money are we not.

Blogging with Leadsleap

Bloggers do really well with the ppc system you will find in the back office of the Leadsleap system. A good blogger get a ton of visitors to their blog. With blogs you can easily promote on all the social sites which brings in a ton of traffic. When they come to your blog and see a ppc ad they find interesting and click on it you make some money. A daily flow of traffic could get you a lot of clicks on you blog. If you don’t have a blog you really should invest in one. Every serious marketer should have a Word Press blog in their advertising plan.

With the Widget area easy to use on a blog you can easily use banners and ppc custom codes to get you more affiliates. Affiliates make you money to pay for those extra advertising fees. Now if you don’t have a blog there are other ways to get some affiliates and I will discuss some below.

Getting Leadsleap Affiliates

One thing you will find is that sometimes it can be quite difficult to get yourself some affiliates to join your cause. It takes a lot of work on your part but don’t give up. Just keep at it day after day and it will pay off. One way that is quite simple and even fun to do is the mailers.

If you look around here at Advertise Free on the Internet you are going to find yourself a lot of mailers. These mailers are the best on the internet for getting you traffic. Lot’s of traffic. Just sign up free to the ones you like. They are all great mailers and fun to use. You really should upgrade to at least a few of the ones your like. This will give you more advertising power to use along side your new Leadsleap membership.

Using the internet to work at home is becoming a way of life. Nomad warriors who roam the world living the high and free lifestyle are becoming more and more common. Whether you are a Youtube star or an affiliate guru there are ways to make money online. One of the best ways is promoting top programs like Leadsleap for affiliate commission. I have given you a few ways to promote and make some money but there are many more. Depending on your expertise you could go to sites like fiver and hire a marketer for cheap. These guys will promote for you on social sites like Facebook. All for a few dollars. Many marketers swear by sites like these and get great results easily making back their initial investment. Google around and search for How to get Leadsleap affiliates. You just might be surprised.

Hope to see you in the LeadsLeap program.


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