All New List Genie Pro

Import your Leads to List Genie Pro

Are you building leads in other programs but have no way to mail them. Import them to List Genie Pro an all new Autoresponder that allows you to import leads!

ListGeniePro Is Also A Safelist!

Not only can you use ListGeniePro to get your promotion out to your email lists. You can also submit your ads to be shown in the member’s area to all of your ListGeniePro’s Members!!!  You’ll be able to post Credit Mails, Solo Ads, Banner Ads, Button Ads, Text Links, and Sponsored Login Ads. Free Members can send Credit Mails every 7 days, while Upgraded Members can send Credit Mails every 3 days.

ListGeniePro Is An Ad-Tracker and Rotator!

Upgraded members will have access to a Ad-Tracker/Rotator. Keep track of all your campaigns to see what’s working and what’s not. Autoresponder Trackers to help you track your results! See how many people are clicking your online ads, and see how many people are opening your emails, how many are clicking on the links in your emails, etc.

When advertising online it is a great perk to keep track of how well your ads are doing. ListGenie Pro provides you with a great tracker as well as a mailer. Great all in one package for pennies. Most Auto Responders today are quite expensive but you can grab your Genie Mailer at a fraction of the cost and still have all the benefits. Let’s look under the hood a little and see what the Genie can do.

Amazing List Genie Pro Benefits

ListGeniePro Is A Splash-Page Builder!

Silver Members can create up to 15 Splash-Pages, and Gold Members can create up to 30 Splash-Pages. Ad your image, like a 600×300 banner ad, along with your details, and start advertising your links. Clean, simple, and too the point Splash-Pages!

ListGeniePro Is A Capture-Page/Landing Page Builder!

We’ve contracted with the original programmer of MotionLeads to fully incorporate his MotionLeads Capture-Page/Landing Page Builder into ListGeniePro with UNLIMITED Capture-Pages/Landing Pages! This is an AMAZING program that will having you building kick-ass Capture-Pages/Landing Pages within MINUTES! Add your Autoresponder Form, your links, images, etc. We’ve even added OVER 2,000 images so you have tons of choices for backgrounds, or even call-to-action images to your pages. You’ll immediately fall in love with this feature!

ListGeniePro Is A Downline/Affiliate Builder!

We’ve set up an Affiliate Builder where you can save your personal referral links for Lead Resources, Ad-Blasters, and Super Solos. Just update with your UserID or Username, and when your referrals join by clicking your link, you become their referrer!

ListGeniePro Gives You 15 to 30 VIP Safelist Upgrades!

Safelist Upgrades can get expensive, FAST! So ListGeniePro is giving Silver Members 15, and Gold Members 30 VIP Safelist Upgrades for as long as they maintain their subscription – NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE! So not only does ListGeniePro give you the marketing tools you need, it also gives you resources to promote your offers! You get to pick the upgrades of your choice from 85 different Safelists!

NEW FEATURE! Create UNLIMITED Animated Banners and Graphics!

Stand out from the “CROWD!” Create UNLIMITED Banners, Animated Banners, Website Graphics, Social Media Banners, and MORE! This is a NEW FEATURE for Upgraded Members – NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE! Even if you do not have a hosting account to host your banners, we have a simple FIX that’s ALREADY INCLUDED!

Don’t just use any plain-jane banner or graphic! STAND OUT FROM THE CROWD with Banners and Graphics that are100% UNIQUE to YOU!

We’re Just Getting Started! MORE Benefits To Come!

We’ve got several other benefits that we will be adding along the way to help you build your online business! We’ve got a handful of things such as Funnel Systems, Social Medial Submitters, Video Programs, and more where we’ve purchased Unlimited Licenses to pass along to our members at no additional charge!

Import your Leads

Sometimes trying to build your list can be quite a daunting task. Especially when you are just starting out on the internet. No one knows you and unless you got an amazing splash page your list might never grow. Now with the List Genie Pro system you can import leads! This is a huge time saver.

Maybe you are promoting other programs and are collecting emails but have no way to mail them. Easily import into your Genie mailer and send them an email. All great internet marketers have made their fame and fortune with email lists. Without one your sales are quite limited. Here is your chance to build massive emails lists at a rapid speed. Take action today and check out List Genie Pro.